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With numerous calls for a public inquiry into the government’s handling of COVID-19 it is increasingly likely that one of the largest and most complex inquiries in recent times will come into public focus in the coming months.

The first of its kind in the UK legal market, our specialist Inquiries & Investigations team has advised on some of the highest-profile public inquiries established by the UK government. Armed with a detailed understanding of the inquiry process from both the perspective of the inquiry itself and the core participants, in this hub we will provide insights into the potential COVID-19 public inquiry to assist our clients in preparing for its impact.


The Practical Guide to Public Inquiries: Past, Present and Future

The UK is no stranger to public inquiries and they have evolved to become a feature of modern administrative justice. Over the last few decades we have seen, and been involved in, some of the most serious and complex inquiries come into the public eye including the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Inquiry and the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. This year has been one of the most challenging for the general public and since the start of the pandemic there have been numerous calls for public inquiries into the governments’ handling of COVID-19, something which is likely to come into focus over the coming months. 

Our expert panel look at some of the key areas surrounding public inquiries including; how inquiries are set up, the gathering of evidence, Maxwellisation, and what could be on the horizon.

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