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Our Inquiry testimonials

“The Eversheds public inquiry team, now led by the outstanding Sarah Jones, with formidable support from Isabelle Mitchell, Angharad Hurle and Anna Senter, is the leading firm in their field. Their range of depth and experience is unrivalled and their current involvement in all of the main inquiries of the day, including IICSA and Grenfell Tower, amply bears this out. In my 15 years of practice in this field, I have not come across a firm which comes near to them. They take a focussed, down to earth and practical approach to all issues. They have strength in depth and the ability to create and support substantial teams at short notice”.

“See above for the names of the leading members of the team with whom I have worked in recent years. However, if I had to identify an exceptional strength of the team as a whole, I would say that it is their ability to work together and with Counsel and clients. Thus, by definition, there is more of an emphasis on the collective product than on individual stars”.

“Eversheds Sutherland possess unrivalled knowledge, expertise and experience when it comes to advising on local government issues. They get to grips with the issues so quickly and effectively, and always provide helpful and practical solutions”

“Sarah Jones is able to cut through the issues and identify the relevant legal solutions – very impressive. Always available to support at short notice even with the most complex cases.”

“Isabelle Mitchell has excellent attention to detail and client care skills. Always helpful, and an exceptional lawyer.”

“Eversheds Sutherland has one of the most experienced teams in the public inquiries field.”

Sarah Jones is very bright, very strategic and has a clear sense of direction. She has the ability to project and to inspire confidence in clients, fellow professionals and the public alike. I have seen her deal with lawyers on national statutory inquiries and the representatives of child sexual exploitation survivors groups in the same calm and clear way; she does not sugar coat, obfuscate or steamroller, merely sets out her priorities and usually gets where she needs to be. She is very aware of the clients’ needs and means, particularly when dealing with public bodies, and I have seen her devise and recommend cost-saving strategies where others might have let things run and wait for client comment.”

“Isabelle Mitchell is an obvious rising star, with long experience of inquiries and a tactical approach. I have seen this in the context of non-statutory inquiries which brings problems of disclosure, relying on co-operation and consent to achieve its goals. She is in day-to-day control of the Commissioning Body for the Inquiry, marshalling a large team with great skill and great effect – particularly challenging during home-working for Covid-19, but she has made sensible changes of emphasis that have allowed the work to continue without apparent interruption.”

“Peter Jones is possibly the most experienced partner dealing with public inquiries in the country at the moment and he is helped by exceptionally able principal and senior associates: Isabelle Mitchell, Angharad [Hurle] and Anna Lois Senter. They are some of the best solicitors at this level that I have ever worked with.”