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CaseReady is powered by Opus 2’s award winning software. The efficient way to manage your electronic bundles and trial preparation, which allows us, Counsel and experts to work collaboratively with you in a secure digital environment from any location.

Our clients have full access to all key documents 24/7 allowing them to review and annotate statements, reports and chronologies, linked directly to the source materials. The platform compliments ES Locate, our existing e-disclosure solution for document review. We are the first international law practice to be granted an enterprise wide licence for this technology. Our legal teams, have access to the platform, which is fully supported in-house by our Litigation Technology team.

CaseReady is an intuitive software that allows efficient management of key evidential materials through real-time collaboration.

E-bundling allows our lawyers to create virtual bundles in preparation for trial and to annotate evidence in a dynamic workspace. Authorized team members can analyze the evidence, form and align their strategies and prepare for hearings and trials.

The materials and bundles prepared using our CaseReady platform can be used to present evidence at trial electronically, which minimizes administrative overheads and enables lawyers to work more efficiently.

Key features


An extremely powerful tool to search across the entire document set.

Manage documents

Allow for upload and organization of documents autonomously in-house on a single platform.


Code documents and annotations by issue and organize accordingly.


Direct access to case law and legislation.

Digital hearings

Seamless integration between documents, evidence presentation and real-time transcription.


Make and share notes at a granular level, centralizing the team’s analysis and allowing strategies to be formed and aligned within a dynamic workspace.


Create multiple, independent chronologies that enable efficient management of different arguments or themes in a single workspace, managing facts and issues by directly linking documents to key events.


Create paperless electronic bundles easily and cost-effectively.

Evidence annotation and hyperlinks

Use purpose-built tools to establish connections between related documents and evidence.


Greater efficiency

Greater efficiency

CaseReady removes the need for teams of trainees and paralegals to spend hours searching for documents and compiling bundles. Everything is produced electronically.

Bundles can be developed as the case progresses and annotated by the legal team as the case evolves. This dramatically streamlines the traditional bundle collation process, with our digital case bundles driving efficiency and cost savings.

Greater insight

Greater insight

CaseReady allows our lawyers to collaborate digitally in real-time. This eliminates any potential silos and allows legal teams to work together, sharing knowledge and work products with each other, Counsel, experts and the client in one easily accessible platform.



CaseReady is a private cloud based solution delivered through Amazon Web Services. Using the platform to create electronic bundles reduces the need for hard copy files to be printed, thus reducing costs and security risks.

Case study

  • large litigation matter taken over from another firm six weeks before trial
  • 35GB of data uploaded to CaseReady
  • 45,000 documents (email, word, PDF etc) received via USB sticks, hard drives and digital uploads
  • 15 users including client, counsel and ourselves annotating, reviewing and preparing trial bundles across four locations in UK and Canada
  • collaboration using the CaseReady platform was essential to prepare the case in time available

Key contacts

Melina Efstathiou

Melina Efstathiou
Head of Litigation Technology 
T: +44 77 8666 0108