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In partnership with HighQ Solutions, Eversheds Sutherland can deliver cost effective extranet solutions.

An extranet is a secure, private website that allows individuals and groups to share information online. We can apply variable permissions controlling upload, edit, print, download or preview. Folder content is accessible to specified groups and/or users so you stay in control of who’s accessing what. As the solution is web based, it’s easily accessible, mobile compatible and available 24/7. Our extranets provide everything from basic document storage to matter/project management and instruction sites.


  • content is easy to access on the go
  • full permissions control, to ensure the right people have the right access
  • no proprietary software or plug-ins so it's quick and simple to set up

Case management and document upload

Collaborate can be configured to allow clients to access the platform, upload documents to matter specific folders if required, and to organize the structure of those documents relevant to that matter. Simultaneously, legal teams can store their own work product under the matter specific folder, allowing for centralized storing of documents, providing easy access and the ability for documents to be built into workflows.

Key functionality: workflow, process automation and document automation

Workflow and process automation provides the capability to automate legal processes. Whether it’s legal project management, or litigation management, workflow brings people, content, and process together. Using workflow on a collaborate site can trigger automatic prompts when a certain stage of the matter has been reached, automatically assign a task or notify an individual when an action needs to be taken, and update data fields automatically on the matter. By utilizing workflows, efficiencies can be brought into the legal process.

Document automation can help reduce the time and turnaround of manual document drafting. Collaborate provides you with the capability to build dynamic templates for standardized letters so they can be populated with data that has been captured on any given matter. Following the generation of automated templates, you are then able to store them in a central repository to easily access, organize and track your template letters and documents, streamlining the workflow.

Key contact

Melina Efstathiou

Melina Efstathiou
Head of Litigation Technology
T: +44 77 8666 0108