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ES Locate is an e-disclosure review platform that uses data analytics and predictive coding to review electronically stored information quickly and efficiently.

It allows us to intelligently analyze big volumes of data and able to get to the heart of your case a lot faster, by utilizing intuitive analytics tools. ES Locate is an invaluable tool for our lawyers handling disputes, investigations or DSARs where there are significant volumes of documents to review, with the goal of meeting extremely stringent deadlines. Powered by OpenText’s highly secure Axcelerate Cloud system, ES Locate offers our clients an end-to-end service, from data ingestion and analysis to disclosure.

We can handle data post forensic collection from various systems, data ingestion and data analytics to get to the key documents and evidence more efficiently than when using more linear review methods. When the time comes, we can generate an electronic disclosure in a format that works for our clients and opposing parties. 

Key features


Eversheds Sutherland has a dedicated and secured environment accessible only by our clients, legal teams and counsel. The cloud based solution ensures compliance with jurisdictional data privacy and security regulations.

Early data assessment tools

To develop case strategies in litigation and investigative matters, create discovery budgets, identify sources of potentially relevant materials and drive discovery objectives.

Case progress reporting

To manage and supervise reviewers' productivity and the scope of documents under review, a key feature to ensure projects are delivered on budget.

Data hypergraph

Uses machine learning, graph analysis and advanced visualization to identify hidden connections between people, documents, messages, timelines, conceptual topics and more.

Advanced analytics

Built-in advanced analytics help to prioritize electronic data for review. With concept clustering, phrase identification, email threading, sentiment analysis and language identification, ES Locate can provide an instant analysis of large volumes of documents without the need to run keyword searches.

Built-in technology assisted review capabilities

The predictive coding functionality, based on Continuous Active Learning enables lawyers to review documents more efficiently by first targeting suggested responsive documents, as the engine learns from the review teams' decisions. By setting up our clients workflow around the CAL predictions, legal teams can reduce the amount of documents for review, look through the responsive documents of the case quickly and minimize the overall cost of e-discovery.


Cost control

Cost control

No external suppliers required. Highly competitive data storage costs.



Driven by Early Case Assessment intelligent data culling, Predictive Coding and Advanced Analytics.



Continuous Active Learning, End of Branch Analysis (Email Threading) and smart redaction functionalities to streamline the time spent managing data volumes.



Private cloud-based solution and best in class OpenText software architecture.

Case study

  • procurement challenge against our client in respect of three contracts by an unsuccessful bidder
  • Eversheds Sutherland acting as co-counsel with two other firms
  • one terabyte of data (approximately one million items including WhatsApp and text messages. Also hardcopy/offline documents can be used if required)
  • ES Locate platform and Propel team mandated by client to support all three firms and their counsel teams
  • 100+ document reviewers logged on simultaneously (including our clients)

Key contacts

Melina Efstathiou

Melina Efstathiou
Head of Litigation Technology
T: +44 77 8666 0108