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Benefits for clients


Looking at litigation funding in new and innovative ways has a multitude of benefits for clients. From completely de–risking litigation, to taking claims off balance–sheet, aligning your lawyers' interests with your own and even turning claims into revenue generating streams, there is now a funding model to achieve almost any client objective. Download a copy of our interactive guide now to find out more.

Risk free litigation

Leveraging third party capital in return for a share of the proceeds of a win enables parties to pursue litigation without any risk.

Cost free litigation

In exchange for a share of the proceeds of a successful outcome, third party financing can enable claimants to pursue litigation without any up-front financial outlay.

Cost management and risk allocation

Funding can help claimants to manage or cap financial exposure to litigation by offering full or partial investment.

Funding a portion of fees/expenses

For clients who are prepared to share risk and reward, as opposed to a complete off-book solution, payment of part of our fees as the matter progresses, reduces the level of funding required, and thus, reduces the amount which needs to be paid to a funder at the conclusion.

Third party validation

In order to obtain funding, an investor will usually require a detailed due diligence phase which assesses the merits of your case.

Off balance sheet litigation for claimants

Winning a piece of litigation can bring significant revenue into a business.

Balance sheet preservation for defendants

Financing is not just for claimants. Funding can help a defendant to protect its balance sheet – by paying a funder an agreed sum to assume all or some of the liabilities of a case.

Risk sharing

Newer funding models can be utilised alongside alternative fee structures which move away from hourly rates to align the interests of funders, lawyers and clients.

Download the interactive guide