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Future of Pensions research report

We are delighted to share our new Future of Pensions research report, produced in partnership with Winmark.

The context and background for this report on the Future of Pensions are the major changes we have seen in our industry over the last 25 years, and the material challenges that lie ahead for us all.

Our research report draws upon the experience of senior pensions industry figures to focus on four main themes, each including innovation ideas and comments from our global team: 

  • the future of DB – facilitating a “safe landing”
  • the future of DC – better coverage, adequacy, consolidation and decumulation
  • the future of long term pensions planning and collaboration
  • the future of pensions engagement and communication

We hope you find the report useful and will join the conversation on social media using #futureofpensions.

For more information, please contact:

Francois Barker
T: +44 20 7919 0675

Download the Future of Pensions research report

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