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Qualified and approved pension plans

Choosing and administering the varying models of retirement and benefit solutions can be challenging for employers operating across multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers can provide you with legal support on the choice and ongoing maintenance of the full range of products in this heavily regulated market.

Experienced qualified and approved pension plans lawyers

Eversheds Sutherland also supports retirement product and service providers from the insurance, broker-dealer, banking, investment advice and management, mutual fund, retirement platform, record-keeping and other sectors. We have extensive experience serving the market for all types of retirement plans, executive compensation and medical, life insurance and other welfare benefit plans.

Our legal services include:

  • defined benefit plans
  • defined contribution plans, including 401(k) and 403(b)
  • pension plan investment
  • pension buy in/buy out
  • pension plan dispute resolution
  • executive compensation

We know the retirement business, and we can help you to find creative, workable solutions to your business challenges.

Contact our qualified and approved pension plans team

If you would like any further information or need advice on qualified and approved pension plans, please contact our legal team.

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