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Financial institutions and corporations are increasingly required to defend investigations conducted by regulators, government agencies, oversight authorities and multilateral development banks. At other times, entities may self-initiate internal investigations to evaluate and manage crisis situations, such as whistleblower allegations, fraud or financial reporting issues. Such investigations can be highly disruptive. Moreover, if mishandled, involvement in such investigations can cause significant reputational and commercial liabilities. Failure to comply with legal requirements can lead to administrative, civil or even criminal penalties.

Eversheds Sutherland has more than 220 lawyers worldwide who advise clients on practical responses to investigations. Each of these lawyers has experience and insight into the enforcement trends within their sector, industry and jurisdiction. A particular specialty is advising seamlessly on issues that are cross-jurisdictional and blend civil, criminal and/or regulatory law. We emphasize advice that is rapid, astute, practical and commercially sensitive.

Our lawyers conduct investigations related to a multitude of issues and allegations, including financial fraud, financial statement presentation, competition and antitrust violations, violations of tax laws, securities violations, money laundering and bribery and corruption. Whatever your needs, we are here to help you navigate this complex and critical legal area.

Experienced investigations lawyers

Eversheds Sutherland’s investigations lawyers work with financial institutions, insurance companies, life sciences companies, energy and environmental entities, construction companies, manufacturers and private clients. Our experience includes:

  • advising a special committee of a publicly registered multinational facing the inability to produce consolidated financial statements in light of whistleblower allegations.
  • counselling a global engineering consultancy on its response to a multilateral development bank’s investigation into allegedly fraudulent billing practices.
  • advising a telecoms company on an investigation commenced by the anti-corruption commission of an East African jurisdiction.
  • advising a state-owned financial institution on an inquiry commenced by its regulator into its anti-money laundering systems, anti-fraud controls and management oversight.
  • advising a committee of outside directors of a financial institution faced with allegations of fraud and financial mismanagement by its senior officers.
  • advising a global automobile manufacturer on its response to regulatory investigation in several jurisdictions.
  • assisting a global investment bank conducting an internal investigation in light of allegations of market rigging in its trading operations.
  • conducting an investigation into financial fraud by a subsidiary’s management on behalf of a private equity parent.
  • conducting an investigation of officials on behalf of a local quasi-governmental entity and representing the entity in connection to civil grand jury proceedings.
  • conducting an investigation and handling governmental and regulatory issues arising from an offshore oil well blowout.

In an era of globalized media and increasingly assertive prosecutors and regulators, involvement in a government inquiry in just one jurisdiction can have international implications. It is critical that corporations respond decisively and confidently to these situations. Eversheds Sutherland provides you with the insight and best in class service you need. At the first signal of an allegation of wrongdoing, whether it is made by a whistleblower, employee, customer or regulator, our global Investigations team is prepared to provide swift and comprehensive results.

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