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Eversheds bribery and corruption 'Beneath the Surface' report

'Beneath the Surface' bribery and corruption report

Today, anti-bribery and corruption measures are high on practically every organisation’s agenda and tougher regulations have spread like wildfire around the globe, with economies such as Brazil and China taking a hard line in their regulatory approach to dampen any corrupt practice that may have taken hold during their years of rapid growth.

Against this backdrop, we wanted to look at the topic of bribery and corruption to investigate how organisations around the world are responding to the daily challenge of managing their business practices. How do they manage to delve beneath the surface of their organisation to get a true picture of how business is being done and if they discover any corrupt practices, what action are they likely to take?

To find out the answers to these questions, we looked “Beneath the Surface” and engaged with 500 board-level executives in large organisations across 12 countries to find out how businesses are responding to bribery and corruption in 2016, five years on since the implementation of the UK Bribery Act.

The findings show how much importance is placed on managing bribery and corruption, painting a clear picture of the tone set from the very top of an organisation. Businesses who have uncovered corrupt practices share their experiences, with specific insight into attitudes to the increasing emphasis on self-reporting.

What is clear is that it’s time for a more sophisticated conversation about bribery and corruption.