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21st Century law firm - Inheriting a new world

Eversheds 21st Century Law Firm: Inheriting a new world.

The last five years have seen unprecedented changes in the legal profession, with younger lawyers adapting to this change early in their careers. New research from law firm Eversheds, ‘21st Century Law Firm: Inheriting a world’, is a global study examining what young lawyers want from their careers and their employers, and how they see the profession ten years from now..

Eversheds surveyed 1,800 young lawyers (23-40 years old) around the world to take a snapshot of the legal sector’s future leaders. The study has revealed that a new breed of young lawyer is seeking to reform the legal sector. With global ambition and a desire to modernise the more traditional aspects of the legal profession, many young lawyers would like the law to be more like a commercial business than a profession and see embracing technology as the key to transforming what many consider to be outdated working practices.

“This generation has the potential to transform the way in which the legal profession works, but there has been little research carried out into the views and aspirations of young lawyers. Eversheds conducted this innovative research to identify their unique concerns, opinions and ambitions.” Lee Ranson, Managing Partner, Eversheds

The 21st Century Law Firm: Inheriting a world research is the third report in Eversheds’ 21st Century Law Firm series looking at the changing face of the legal sector. Previous reports confirmed the increasing client focus on costs, and identified the growth in status and use of corporate in-house lawyers. This latest ‘21st Century Law Firm’ report takes the debate to the next stage by looking specifically at what the next generation of lawyers want from legal sector. Their responses reveal a driven, ambitious and mostly satisfied group of young professionals. While they have much in common with the previous generations, there is a great deal they would like to change. As this generation moves into management and leadership positions in the decades to come, the new shape, culture and characteristics of the 21st century law firm and profession will be what they choose to make it.

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