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Brexit articles

Equivalence and the financial services content of the draft UK-EU free trade agreements14/07/2020
Brexit bulletin - July 202009/07/2020
FCA announces re-opening of TPR notification window in September08/07/2020
UK government introduces new human rights sanctions07/07/2020
UK regulation of derivatives to become less… derivative25/06/2020
Focusing on dispute management: 10 things you need to know now Britain has left the EU25/03/2020
Brexit update – the shape of the United Kingdom’s exit29/01/2020
Brexit update: implications for the UK capital markets regime17/01/2020
General Election 2019 – what are the parties saying about key issues on employment, equality, Brexit and immigration?28/11/2019
Brexit update – the latest approach of the UK Government to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union29/10/2019
Brexit Briefing: Cross Border Employees and Social Security Contributions22/10/2019
Accessing the EU’s Financial Services Market in the Event of a No-deal Brexit21/10/2019
Planning for a no deal Brexit11/10/2019
Government Amends Temporary Tariffs for Lorries, Bioethanol and Clothing Products09/10/2019
10 things you need to know about managing disputes in a no-deal Brexit25/09/2019
How will the courts of EU Member States approach enforcement of judgments following a no-deal?25/09/2019
How will the courts approach jurisdiction following a no-deal?25/09/2019
What does no-deal mean for commercial litigation across the EU?25/09/2019
How will the UK courts approach enforcement of judgments following a no-deal?25/09/2019
Ten things for asset managers to note if there is a no-deal Brexit05/09/2019
Brexit Update05/09/2019
Implications of a no-deal Brexit on mortgage possession claims23/07/2019
No deal brexit on the horizon?30/05/2019
Recht und Praxis: Was der Brexit für Arbeitgeber und Arbeitnehmer bedeutet 23/05/2019
England: Making provision for the continued operation of planning and environmental regulation after Brexit02/04/2019
Scotland: Making provision for the continued operation of planning and environmental regulation after Brexit 02/04/2019
What does a hard Brexit mean for fashion companies? 29/03/2019
Brexit and contractual continuity – how no deal will work becomes clearer18/03/2019
Game changer or small beer for cross-border fund distribution in the EU?15/03/2019
UK competition regime set to become stricter and more burdensome for businesses post-Brexit13/03/2019
Speed read: Part 2. The ‘transfers from EU back in to the UK’ conundrum…04/03/2019
VAT and Financial Services Brexit Update25/02/2019
Can Brexit be used as a reason for escaping contracts?20/02/2019
Brexit - Impacts contractuels et commerciaux : rupture de contrats, supply chain et trésorerie20/02/2019
The Luxembourg VAT authorities issue a “BREXIT preparedness notice”11/02/2019
Brexit Exemption for investment firms07/02/2019
Companies House announces changes in the event of a no deal Brexit06/02/2019
The Brady and Spelman Brexit amendments mean continued uncertainty for businesses01/02/2019
The impact of a no-deal Brexit on derivatives entered into by UK buy-side entities 31/01/2019
Diversified Industrials Sector Outlook 201923/01/2019
Data protection and Brexit - What can you do to prepare?23/01/2019
Speed read: The ‘transfers from EU back in to the UK’ conundrum…18/01/2019
No-deal Brexit: Implications for traded companies10/01/2019
Making sense of Brexit - What does no-deal mean for commerical litigation across the EU?21/12/2018
An Immigration White Paper Christmas20/12/2018
European Commission announces “no deal” temporary measures for financial services20/12/2018
Lawbite: Can Brexit frustrate a lease?20/12/2018
Brexit: Implications for Intellectual Property12/12/2018
Considering the impact of the proposed Brexit deal on Chemicals Regulation at the House of Commons12/12/2018
ECJ confirms that the UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50 TEU11/12/2018
Dutch Brexit Act07/12/2018
The Attorney-General’s advice06/12/2018
HR Brexit Bulletin - November 201828/11/2018
The Political Declaration: What does it tell us about the UK-EU future relationship? 23/11/2018
What immigration changes should we expect in the UK from Brexit?20/11/2018
The finalised Withdrawal Agreement and financial services16/11/2018
The Withdrawal Agreement – It Is Not Over Yet14/11/2018
The Brexit negotiations: Nirvana or “Nowhere Land”?, by Christopher Muttukumaru, FIDE14/11/2018
Eversheds Sutherland Financial Services Update - Week ending 9th November 201808/11/2018
BREXIT: E-kaubandus pärast Brexitit – uued kulud ja nõuded06/11/2018
HR Brexit Bulletin - October 201802/11/2018
Private sector IR35 clampdown announced in the Budget30/10/2018
How a no-deal Brexit may affect UK consumer rights 29/10/2018
Brexit: Further EU Settlement Pilot Scheme extended to EU staff at HE institutions 16/10/2018
The UK Government’s no-deal Brexit plans for REACH and chemicals regulation02/10/2018
Mind the gap: Brexit and the UK’s position vis-à-vis 759 bilateral EU treaties27/09/2018
A domestic State aid regime and the challenge of a “no deal” Brexit 03/09/2018
Eversheds Sutherland Financial Services Brexit round up week commencing 27 August 201830/08/2018
Brexit & Trade: UK Government Releases Practical Guidance for Businesses29/08/2018
Beyond the cliff edge: Sale of EU27 funds in the UK post Brexit21/08/2018
Within REACH? The implications of a no-deal Brexit on your supply chain20/08/2018
Where are we now on the Brexit negotiations?10/08/2018
Eversheds Sutherland Financial Services Brexit round up week commencing 6 August 201807/08/2018
Eversheds Sutherland Financial Services Brexit Round Up week commencing 30 July31/07/2018
Gearing up for Brexit: the common rulebook and its implications for the UK automotive sector27/07/2018
The common rulebook in context – reflections on certain aspects of the UK Government’s proposal for a post-Brexit UK-EU relationship 19/07/2018
Brexit and Enhanced Equivalence: a good deal for financial institutions?16/07/2018
Recent Brexit developments: implications for employment and immigration law16/07/2018
EU publishes made rules amending AIFMD and UCITS on depositary segregation of assets13/07/2018
Eversheds Sutherland Financial Services Brexit Round Up week commencing 9 July10/07/2018
Eversheds Sutherland Financial Services Brexit Round Up week ending 29 June03/07/2018
European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 obtains Royal Assent29/06/2018
The UK applies formally to join the WTO’s Agreement on Government Procurement07/06/2018
The impact of Brexit on the supply chain and how to get ahead11/05/2018
EU Customs Union - Next Steps04/05/2018
UK and Swiss market access risks – benchmarking the existing regime03/05/2018
State Aid Rules to be enforced by the CMA Post-Brexit19/04/2018
UK and EU square up on Financial Services - A commentary on recent developments in the Brexit negotiations on Financial Services18/04/2018
Getting on with it: the FCA and PRA plans for Brexit 17/04/2018
Brexit: One year to go - What has happened in the negotiations so far and what needs to happen next?03/04/2018
“Not a Dirty Word”: ESMA revisits the impact of its Opinion on delegation for UK managers if there is a “hard” Brexit 26/03/2018
Brexit negotiations move to future relationship23/03/2018
Keeping the present for a little longer: the impact of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement on financial institutions21/03/2018
The next step in the UK and EU agreeing a Brexit transitional deal19/03/2018
New EU laws for marketing AIFs and UCITS: One step forward, one step back?15/03/2018
UK customs fraud triggers EU legal action 13/03/2018
Draft Withdrawal Treaty Crosses UK Red Lines01/03/2018
House of Lords publishes report on Brexit’s impact on competition and state aid with evidence from Eversheds Sutherland09/02/2018
EU ETS and Brexit Part 2: revised EU ETS compliance deadlines for UK operators. 02/02/2018
Keeping up with Brexit—negotiation priorities and progress24/01/2018
Navigating Brexit - Our EU cross-border reorganizations guide12/01/2018
Brexit: building bridges after the referendum15/12/2017
UK HR E-briefing: Citizens’ rights and Brexit: significant agreement reached 11/12/2017
Brexit comment - breakthrough in talks 08/12/2017
EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Brexit : Recent developments and what they mean09/11/2017
Brexit: Implications for China’s Restructuring/Insolvency Industry16/10/2017
The Government’s White Papers on the customs and trade regimes post-Brexit11/10/2017
Has the Prime Minister done enough to break the Brexit deadlock?25/09/2017
Insight into Brexit’s Threat to Insurance Contracts14/09/2017
European Commission’s position on IP rights11/09/2017
Brexit: Contract and termination disputes30/08/2017
Brexit - Position Paper on Northern Ireland and Ireland29/08/2017
A new era for cross border disputes? Government confirms post-Brexit civil judicial cooperation will form part of withdrawal negotiations with the EU23/08/2017
UK government sets out proposals for future customs arrangements 17/08/2017
The Government clarifies its proposals for a post-Brexit sanctions regime 14/08/2017
Edging closer to a UK Draft Data Protection Bill for GDPR Implementation08/08/2017
Brexit and UK public procurement law07/08/2017
Ryanair chief says Brexit threat to UK-EU flights increasing03/08/2017
Public Call for Evidence: The House of Lords probes the impact of Brexit on Competition Policy 28/07/2017
What have we learnt from today's publication of the Repeal Bill?13/07/2017
Impact of Brexit on Private M&A deal structure12/07/2017
UK Data Regulator Reveals Sweeping International Strategy07/07/2017
What does Brexit mean for contract and termination disputes?28/06/2017
What does Brexit mean for EU-wide dispute resolution?28/06/2017
UK General Election – What does it mean for Brexit?09/06/2017
Preparing for Brexit: the impact of ESMA’s Opinion on Financial Institutions02/06/2017
Chemicals: Article 50 Notice has been given – what happens next?12/05/2017
Chemicals: Biocides & Brexit11/05/2017
The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (“EAC”) publishes report on The Future of Chemicals Regulation after the EU Referendum04/05/2017
Brexit risk for owners of English companies operating in Germany26/04/2017
The Government consults on the future of the UK’s sanctions regime post-Brexit 24/04/2017
Article 50 Notice has been given - what happens next?29/03/2017
Brexit – The impact on UK construction - 9 months on20/03/2017
Brexit bill approved: Path cleared for the triggering of Article 5014/03/2017
Airlines demand clarity from Britain on post-Brexit flying10/03/2017
Diversified Industrials & Manufacturing sector update17/02/2017
UK HR e-briefing - Brexit: some frequently asked questions about workers and immigration15/02/2017
Future of Chemicals Regulation post Brexit13/02/2017
The DIT’s submission to the House of Commons on post-Brexit trade arrangements 03/02/2017
Supreme Court Judgment: UK Parliament must authorise Article 50 Brexit notice24/01/2017
Brexit – State aid and public procurement law update19/01/2017
UK Government’s Brexit Plan Revealed17/01/2017
Procurement opportunities to come from Brexit11/01/2017
Brexit: the impact on General Data Protection Regulation 06/01/2017
Does Brexit really mean Brexit?12/12/2016
Brexit and the EU27 - a view from Latvia12/12/2016
Brexit un ES27 - viedoklis no Latvijas12/12/2016
Pensions Issues for Life Sciences Newsletter – September 201609/12/2016
Does leaving the EU automatically mean leaving the EEA?29/11/2016
Brexit – Lessons learned from Germany’s reunification17/11/2016
Brexit and UK Chemical Compliance Law - October update14/10/2016
Brexit and UK Environmental Law - October update14/10/2016
Brexit: the EU Referendum and its impact on the UK’s tech industry 19/08/2016
How to get a good Brexit for your business17/08/2016
Water e-brief August 201615/08/2016
Diversified Industrials quarterly update12/08/2016
Brexit: what might it mean for the aviation sector?11/08/2016
Brexit means Brexit – and we’re going to make a success of it10/08/2016
News updates: employment and the financial services sector August 201610/08/2016
UK Corporate Restructuring After Brexit: an uncertain future04/08/2016
Brexit: Implications for global shipping and sea trade02/08/2016
Brexit - How will this impact on Intellectual Property29/07/2016
What does Brexit mean for Arbitration25/07/2016
What does Brexit mean for Choice of law25/07/2016
What does Brexit mean for Contract and termination disputes25/07/2016
What does Brexit mean for Enforcement of judgments?25/07/2016
What does Brexit mean for Jurisdiction clauses25/07/2016
What does Brexit mean for Service and the taking of evidence25/07/2016
Preparing your pension plan for Brexit 25/07/2016
The impact of Brexit on contracts25/07/2016
Northern Powerhouse and the impact of Brexit.22/07/2016
Education e-briefing - Brexit: Some frequently asked questions about workers and employment law21/07/2016
Education e-briefing - Brexit: Some frequently asked questions about workers and immigration21/07/2016
Brexit: some frequently asked questions about workers and employment law20/07/2016
Brexit: What does this mean for the automotive, chemical, industrial & manufacturing sectors?14/07/2016
Brexit - what are the implications for loan documentation?11/07/2016
The FCA’s BREXIT statement: An incomplete explanation of the short term legal impact on UK financial services? 29/06/2016
Five key implications of Brexit for planning, infrastructure and development 29/06/2016
Getting over 'Regrexit' – real estate opportunity out of the turmoil 28/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Competition Law24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Insolvencies24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on EU-wide litigation 24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK contracts and trading relationships24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK employment law24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK environment law24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK financial institutions 24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Construction24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Data Protection24/06/2016
Education HR e-briefing 652 - Brexit and HR24/06/2016
Eversheds' UK HR E-briefing: Brexit and HR24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Pensions24/06/2016
UK Pensions Speedbrief: Brexit: how will this affect UK pensions?24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Procurement Law24/06/2016
Brexit - How this will impact on UK Real Estate24/06/2016
Brexit - Implications on UK Tax24/06/2016
UK Competition law - The implications of a vote by the UK to leave the EU23/06/2016
Brexit: divining the impact on financial services agreements23/06/2016
Brexit: authorised fund managers’ planning for Day One after a vote for leave21/06/2016
No Brexit initiative this year20/06/2016
Brexit a skutki podatkowe dla polskich przedsiębiorców20/06/2016
Brexit: Aviation sector27/05/2016
Brexit and the implications for UK construction18/05/2016
UK environment e-briefing – Brexit and UK Environmental law 14/03/2016
UK Corporate Restructuring After Brexit: an uncertain future14/03/2016
UK HR e-briefing - Brexit and UK employment law: implications for the workplace07/01/2016