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Corporate response to climate change: The People Factor report
When we published our first report on climate change and corporate value in 2020, we reported on a changing landscape within the world’s leading companies. It was becoming clear that climate change was influencing the boardroom, with most companies treating climate risk as a serious business issue, and facing pressure from external and internal stakeholders to implement decarbonization strategies.

One year on we refreshed the survey, to take the pulse of the corporate world again, and the results make for interesting reading.

What becomes clear from the data is that, within the boardroom, the level of understanding and importance of the challenge is fully recognized and understood, but the hard work to develop a comprehensive decarbonization strategy which can be externally verified is still underway. Similarly, the perception of a deficit in skills has diminished, revealing a greater confidence that the knowledge, skills and expertise to achieve corporate plans already exists within the organization, but that greater confidence is not matched by the general level of expertise in the boardroom.

“For all of the various climate commitments corporations have made, they will find it challenging — if not impossible — to reach their goals without taking human action properly into account. ”

Climate change report: overview

In the report, the authors consider and comment on:

  • the corporate response to climate change impacting on all stakeholders in a business
  • a company’s workforce is valuable in delivering decarbonization plans, however, they are not full utilized, incentivized or otherwise motivated
  • companies who figure out how to successfully harness the input of the whole range of stakeholders will have the best chance of successfully transitioning to a net zero world
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