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Corporate response to climate change: decarbonization report with KPMG IMPACT
Much attention has been given to climate reporting and the need for financial institutions to better understand the risks and opportunities of the underlying investments.

Less attention has been given to the companies themselves, the organizations who the financial institutions invest in or provide finance to, and for whom the key drivers to decarbonize are not only regulatory.
In response we have worked alongside KPMG IMPACT to create a report, Climate Change and Corporate
Value, What Companies Really Think.

Created off the back of interviews with leading corporate voices, the report highlights the current level of corporate understanding and the gaps which need to be filled if the underlying strategic intent of climate risk reporting and mitigation are to be achieved.

“Importantly, this is about a transition. We are at point A and we will not be at point B tomorrow. Nonetheless, a corporate strategy that is capable of being implemented to achieve decarbonization and resilience to climate risk needs to be in place now.”

Climate change report: overview

Corporate leaders need to address the risks associated with climate change and move towards decarbonization.

In our report, the authors consider and comment on:

  • climate risk and decarbonization as significant boardroom issues requiring action
  • the external and internal pressures on companies to implement decarbonization strategies
  • decarbonization and climate risk as part of the People Agenda for companies
  • critical barriers to decarbonizing businesses