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The name of an individual’s spouse considered special category of personal data01/09/2022
CMA and Ofcom publish a joint statement on online safety and competition in digital markets in the UK30/08/2022
New Standard Contractual Clauses for the Cross-border Transfer of Personal Information out of Mainland China | 中国大陆个人信息出境的新标准合同规定20/07/2022
Measures on Security Assessment of Data Export12/07/2022
Five things you should know about PCPD’s Recommended Model Contractual Clauses for Cross-border Transfer of Personal Data02/06/2022
Verbraucherschutzverbände können nun auch gegen Verletzungen des Schutzes personenbezogener Daten Klage erheben06/05/2022
Consumer protection associations can now also take legal action against personal data breaches06/05/2022
27 pytań UODO: Działalność IOD pod lupą organu nadzorczego 06/05/2022
It's the final countdown to operational resilience (or is it?)31/03/2022
UK Government aims to lead on trust in Digital IDs23/03/2022
Global Industrials Virtual Conference: 2022 cybersecurity and data privacy trends - how to future-proof your organization16/03/2022
The new EU Data Act: European Commission proposes measures for a fair and innovative data economy16/03/2022
Global Tech Week: Adopting, designing or marketing new technologies - what you need to know before it's too late14/03/2022
Global Tech Week: Demystifying China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)14/03/2022
Global Tech Week: Cyber, data privacy litigation and data disputes - what to watch in 202214/03/2022
The new EU Data Act: European Commission proposes measures for a fair and innovative data economy10/03/2022
Merck and International Indemnity v ACE (et al.): war exclusion clauses in an age of cyber warfare (US)10/03/2022
HKMA reviews current crypto-asset regulations | 香港金管局检讨现行对加密资产的规管10/02/2022
A Virtual Davos: World Economic Forum Risk Report 202220/01/2022
Updata - Your quarterly Data Privacy and Cybersecurity update - October to December 202118/01/2022
The interplay between Data and Competition Law in the TMT sector09/12/2021
UAE enacts its first Federal Data Protection Law 08/12/2021
Pioneering standard for algorithmic transparency launched by UK Government01/12/2021
A South African guide to direct marketing04/11/2021
Legislative consultations, reports and resolutions around data, intellectual property and responsible use of in respect of artificial intelligence out in force02/11/2021