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Données Personnelles, Cookies : Intensification des contrôles de la Cnil18/10/2021
DPC Guidance on Redacting Documents and Records12/10/2021
Saudi Data Protection Law 202130/09/2021
The impact of the cybercrimes act on electronic communication and service providers30/09/2021
Proposition de règlement sur l’IA : premier avis des gendarmes européens de la protection des données25/09/2021
Nová pravidla pro předávání údajů mimo EU21/09/2021
Neue Regeln für Datenübermittlungen außerhalb der EU21/09/2021
New rules for data transfers outside the EU21/09/2021
Road to compliance: China's new data privacy regime podcast17/09/2021
ICO’s ‘Children’s Code’ applies from today – what you need to know 02/09/2021
Further obligations of an information officer01/09/2021
Arrival of the PIPL: Consolidating the personal information regime in the PRC 《中华人民共和国个人信息保护法》的落实:将巩固中华人民共和国的个人信息保护制度 30/08/2021
Data Sharing between public bodies: Five key updates27/08/2021
The future of international transfers of personal data from the UK 13/08/2021
High Court provides clarity on causes of action in ‘external attacker’ cases06/08/2021
Data and Competition Law: Regulators enhance collaboration efforts as data licensing agreements come under increased scrutiny21/07/2021
The Interplay between Data and Competition Law21/07/2021
“No clear legal basis” for gathering employee vaccination data, according to new DPC guidance08/07/2021
POPIA Alert: When does public interest trump your right to privacy?06/07/2021
The European Commission has decided that the UK provides an “adequate level of protection” – now what?01/07/2021
New rules on how you protect transfers of personal data outside the EU 29/06/2021
Privacysecties advocatuur: groot geworden door de AVG29/06/2021
Die EU KI-Verordnung: Wenn eine Excel-Tabelle zu einer High Risk KI wird17/05/2021
Targeting social media - Le linee guida dell’EDPB17/05/2021
The key to the economic recovery: How the UK plans to use data to promote competition and economic growth06/05/2021