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Pervading currents

The global financial services industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Market participants are grappling with legacy issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical uncertainty, market fragmentation and a wave of new technology which is having a fundamental impact on business models, products and processes. At the same time, there is increased regulatory and governmental scrutiny and a slew of new risks and opportunities as financial firms fund a “build back better” recovery with an emphasis on ESG principles, financial inclusion and the highest levels of ethical and cultural transparency. Against this backdrop, managing and mitigating counterparty, client and contractual risk is an increasingly significant challenge.

The management of investigations, disputes and regulatory scrutiny arising from these risks requires new skills and a fresh way of thinking in order to minimise franchise and financial risk and to successfully manage a wide range of stakeholder expectations. Our role at Eversheds Sutherland is to support our clients in a way that reflects the global nature of their businesses, the markets in which they operate and the challenges they face. We recognise that whilst distinct challenges exist in discrete geographies and markets, viewing these issues holistically can help our clients develop a comprehensive view of risk and opportunity from an enterprise perspective, which in turn reduces costs and complexity. Through this hub we provide high-level insights into some of the key global issues facing our clients as well as information as to where you can find out more about the specific underlying issues.

An ocean of change

Like the five great oceans driving global currents, we see five areas of focus that will shape thinking.

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