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M & A report Rubix Cube

The next drivers of strategic M&A 2022 report

Today’s rapidly changing economy has prompted business leaders to reflect on the kind of businesses they want to lead into the future .

Emerging from the pandemic and into a geopolitical landscape significantly impacted by the war in Ukraine , organizations face inflation, rapid innovation, market volatility and supply issues .

How can leaders make the strategic decisions required to succeed in the current economy ? What are the future drivers of business success ?

Part one: M&A: future drivers of business success

Talent, Tech and Trade - the new M&A triarchy

The research reveals that M&A is increasingly being driven by the need to satisfy strategic demand for talent, technology and trade capabilities in order for organisations to evolve. Together, talent, tech and trade form the new ‘M&A triarchy’ .

More than 70% of business leaders view talent, tech & trade as the key levers of growth , core to their current and future business strategy.

Part two: What deal-makers value in M&A targets

When suitable acquisition targets seem limited, but liquidity is high, what is making one target more desirable – and therefore valuable – than another? Acquirers view brand and reputation as creating the most added value.

77% of business leaders identify ‘brand and reputation’ as an attribute they value in an acquisition target, making it the number one driver of value in our study.

Part three: Strong M&A headwinds in 2022

Despite high levels of economic confidence and an enthusiasm for deal-making, the landscape is also fraught with challenges. Barriers to M&A deals over the next 12 months include rising inflation, protectionist trade policies and the war in Ukraine.

67% of business leaders in the supplementary study* said the war in Ukraine has reduced their organization’s investment in M&A activity .