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Eversheds wins "Visionary Firm of the Year" award

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    Eversheds has been named "Visionary Firm of the Year" at the inaugural Asian-MENA Counsel, In-house Community "Counsels of the Year" ceremony.

    This is highly significant award that recognises the most innovative firm operating in Asia and the Middle East. The selection criteria were:

    • Client driven technological solutions
    • Budget-orientated project management
    • Clear-headed advice regarding increasing client productivity and efficiency
    • Long-term trusted advisor status.

    The award criteria reflects the fact that progressive organisations now expect far more from their advisers than ‘black letter’ legal advice. First class advice and high quality output are a given: clients want exceptional relationships based around a deep understanding of their business coupled with innovative and flexible approaches to service delivery.

    Eversheds has become synonymous with innovation and the award recognises how we have changed the way in which legal services are delivered. Many of these changes have shifted the entire legal market. For example, Eversheds’ revolutionary sole legal adviser arrangements, pioneered with Tyco, have been well reported. This sophisticated, performance-based approach has now been further developed and adopted by other multinational clients including the International Air Transport Association, LyondellBassell, Eaton Industries and Doosan.

    Other initiatives include:

    • 'Eversheds Agile' anticipates the personnel sourcing revolution that many of our clients now face. Agile is a new way of meeting these needs by providing high quality interim lawyers who are part of an international law firm and have access to market leading knowhow and expertise.
    • 'Eversheds Consulting' is the only team of management consultants working inside a law firm. These teams advise some of the largest global organisations across sectors that include financial services, industrials, transport and travel, Eversheds Consulting is uniquely placed to support general counsel and in-house legal departments on a range of legal and business areas. These range from global risk and compliance to the development of business plans and strategy that demonstrate to boards and senior management the contribution made by their legal department to the overall success of the organisation. Specialist consultants help to develop legal policy, procedures and protocols to define the range of services provided, methods of business engagement and detailed policy and process guidelines.
    • 'Eversheds Connect' offers effective and efficient management of large, multi-jurisdictional accounts, using the newest bespoke technology. The client deals with a single Eversheds contact regardless of the number of countries that might be involved in a matter. Combining the expertise of a project management team with specialist online reporting and management tools, Connect removes all the ‘noise’ from work across multiple jurisdictions, making life much simpler for the client. This in turn provide transparency and predictability, opening up access to a broad range of data, reporting and information. Clients are fully empowered, enabled to:
    • control individual matters with tracking and reporting, conflict searches, production of engagement documentation
    • complete administrative transaction tasks
    • monitor the billing process and manage their portfolios

    Stephen Kitts, Managing Partner, Asia, commented:

    "We are extremely proud to be recognised as the “Visionary Firm of the Year”. This award recognises the contribution by everyone in the Eversheds team.

    Eversheds stands for momentum, for not standing still. We step into our clients’ shoes, see the world as they see it and give them what they need, exactly how they need it. Sometimes before they even know it themselves.

    On behalf of the partners and associates I would like to thank Asian-MENA Counsel for this award. It is a testament to the significant progress we are making as a firm in Asia.”

    Nasser Ali Khasawneh, Managing Partner, Middle East, added:

    "This award highlights one of Eversheds key strategic achievements of recent years: our success in targeting the increasing investment flows between the Middle East and Asia.

    Eversheds has one of the largest networks of any international firm operating in the Middle East and we are well-positioned to service these opportunities."

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