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Book on implementation of EU consumer law published

  • Poland


    A monograph entitled “Methods of Harmonization of Consumer Law in the European Union and Their Influence on Implementation Procedures in the Member States,” by Dr Aleksandra Kunkiel-Kryńska, an attorney at law on the public procurement team at Wierzbowski Eversheds, was published in February 2013 (in Polish) by Wolters Kluwer Polska.

    The monograph is a thorough study of the methods of harmonization of consumer law in the EU in the context of the implementation process, which involves national legislative authorities as well as national courts.

    The solutions presented are based on a wealth of Polish and foreign literature as well as the case law of the European Court of Justice. On the basis of these sources, the work shows that the harmonization of consumer law in the EU has undergone a distinct evolution from minimal harmonization toward full harmonization. The specific issues are presented not only in a theoretical approach, but are also addressed to practical problems of effective implementation.

    The book is intended for legal practitioners, including judges and attorneys. It will also be an invaluable source of knowledge for staff of administrative agencies, legal scholars, law students, doctoral students and legal trainees.

    More information about the book is available at the publisher’s website.


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