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The Code at Work: Let’s Talk Labour Law

The Code at Work: Let’s Talk Labour Law
  • Poland


    On 16 April 2013 the law firm of Wierzbowski Eversheds launched its third special-interest blog, devoted to the full range of labour law issues: (the “Code at Work”). Designed primarily for employers, the site will be operated by lawyers from the firm’s Labour Law team, who will discuss judgments from the courts, address current issues under Polish and EU law, and analyze selected problems that arise in day-to-day practice.

    The site is offered in Polish, but to meet the needs of international readers also provides English summaries of all items. The other functionalities, such as searching by tags, commenting, subscribing to comments, and notification of new posts via RSS feed, are similar to those of the law firm’s other blogs, on public procurement ( and intellectual property (

    The regular authors of the blog are members of the Labour Law team—Ewa Łachowska-Brol, Adam Nierzwicki, Michał Hady and Michał Balicki—but depending on the topic, the authors also plan to invite other lawyers from different specialties to contribute.

    “The legal awareness of employers and employees is growing just as fast as the latest technology,” said attorney at law Ewa Łachowska-Brol, who heads the firm’s Labour Law team. “Every day labour law faces new challenges that have yet to be addressed by lawmakers in the Labour Code or other laws. Issues like monitoring of employees’ online activity, disciplinary liability for violation of trade secrets, and defamation of employers on the Internet are becoming more and more widespread. At the same time, the labour market is highly competitive. With the difficulty in recruiting and retaining qualified staff, employers are increasing the responsibilities of managers and stepping up the use of individual non-competition clauses.”

    Łachowska-Brol added: “Employment law is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary. In the everyday work of our team, we encounter issues requiring the involvement of experts in tax law, intellectual property, trade secrets, and data protection. As a discipline, labour law is also becoming increasingly interactive, and people seeking knowledge or advice now turn to the Internet. Hence, based on our experience with the firm’s existing blogs, we decided to create a site devoted to labour law, which we hope will raise the level of legal awareness in this field and also serve as a platform for discussion and sharing knowhow.”

    The blog is the third special-interest site operated by Wierzbowski Eversheds. In 2011 the firm launched the bilingual (Polish and English) site, devoted to public procurement from an EU perspective, and, where lawyers analyze issues at the intersection of law, high tech and the Internet.

    This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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