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    The law firm of Wierzbowski Eversheds launched its fourth special-interest blog on 29 May 2014, devoted to legal issues across the energy industry: The energy blog is designed primarily for staff of energy companies, but also for lawyers and practitioners dealing with the complex regulatory regime of the energy sector and other persons with an interest in the sector. The blog is operated by lawyers from the Wierzbowski Eversheds energy law team, who will present and discuss the legal side of the electricity, gas, heat and mining industries, track legislation, comment on the activity of the Energy Regulatory Office and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection as well as the major players on the energy market, and analyze Polish and European case law affecting the energy sector.

    The blog will be published in Polish, although the authors do not rule out publishing some of the entries also in English—depending on the topic and the issues. The other functionalities, such as searching by tags, commenting and subscribing to commentary, and notification of new entries through an RSS feed, are analogous to the other three special-interest online services at Wierzbowski Eversheds: the procurement blog, the intellectual property blog and the employment blog

    The regular contributors to the blog will be attorneys Łukasz Jankowski, manager of the energy law practice, and Jakub Kasnowski, a lawyer on the team. Depending on the topic, the authors plan to invite other lawyers from various specializations to contribute as well.

    Energy is a field that affects nearly everyone,” said Łukasz Jankowski, manager of the energy law practice. “In this sector, local matters are interwoven with global trends. An excellent example is the extraction of hydrocarbons, where the shale gas revolution may bring about the greatest change in the world market for energy commodities and become a major source of revenue for Polish localities. At the national level we are witnessing great changes involving growth of competition on the electricity market and the transformation of the gas market. At the same time, energy companies are struggling with numerous risks, not only external but also regulatory, as a result of continual legislative changes and new proposals for laws governing the sector. The chances for rehabilitation of coal, the future of the petroleum market, and the popular energy mix all remain open issues. Through our blog, we want to weigh the issues and seek answers to the questions that arise incidentally during our work—issues that are not accounted for in the legal system today but may become vital tomorrow.” is the fourth special-interest online service published by Wierzbowski Eversheds. In 2011 the law firm launched the bilingual Polish/English site, devoted to public procurement from an EU perspective, and, where lawyers analyze issues involving law, new technologies and the Internet., devoted to issues of employment law, was launched in 2013 and discusses labour regulations in Poland, case law from the courts, and interpretations issued by the National Labour Inspectorate and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.


    This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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