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Eversheds releases Global Environment Guide for Europe, Middle East and Asia

  • Romania


    Bucharest, 21 February 2013 – European and national regulators are looking at environmental matters with an additional degree of scrutiny, concerned about the environmental impact of activities being carried out in all industries, many of which have a potential for environmental adverse changes. In Romania, the hot topics in environmental policy are related to renewable energy generation and the correlative support scheme with green certificates.

    The hottest issues in environmental policies worldwide are analyzed in the first edition of the “Environment Guide”, released by international law firm Eversheds. The Guide provides a valuable insight into the relevant legal framework to help entrepreneurs navigate through the often complex and always technical legal jargon and have an overview of the legal and practical relevance of environmental issues across 27 European countries, two Asian and four from the Middle East.

    “For companies with a global outreach and operations in different jurisdictions with different regulations, it is crucial to know what can be expected from an environmental point of view in each of their locations. With fast changing regulations in different jurisdictions and with regulators keeping a watchful eye on compliance and conformity, one needs a comprehensive view of the markets they are operating in. This is where the Environment Guide comes into play, giving companies a global angle on how these matters work, and are perceived by, undertakings and regulators around the world. Romania is definitely one of the hottest spots for renewable energy investments right now, with an extremely generous support scheme for producers, but regulatory and particularly environmental matters play a crucial role in how well that investment will pan out.”, said Cristina Popescu, a Partner in Eversheds Lina & Guia, who coordinates the Environment Law practice.

    The attorneys at Eversheds Lina & Guia have a wealth of experience in dealing with environmental related matters, from permitting and licensing to dealing with contamination or accidental pollution, to reporting and other compliance obligations. Our client portfolio includes companies from a variety of industries, including solar, wind and biomass electricity producers, animal farms, construction and projects.

    According to the Guide, in most European countries potentially contaminating activities require an environmental permit. These usually include energy generation, metallurgy, paper and food production, chemicals, most waste activities and water discharge.

    Readers may find it interesting to know that in Greece public authorities tend to focus on whether a company holds the relevant environmental permits rather than on effective inspection of compliance with the pertinent legislation in practice.

    While in Romania regulators are becoming more active and placing operators under greater scrutiny than before, in Estonia regulators generally act upon information submitted by competitors of operators who breach legislation.

    Real estate operators could find it useful to know that in some countries such as Austria and Greece the use of asbestos in constructions is prohibited, while in Russia asbestos is still widely used. While in most countries the risk posed by asbestos must be managed either by removal or through ongoing management, other countries, such as Ireland and Slovakia, do not require operators to remove asbestos from buildings.

    The Environment Guide also provides information regarding the transfer of liability for contamination when buying or leasing real estate, what investigations buyers of real estate carry out and whether environmental insurance is available or often contracted in practice.
    The Guide is available on Eversheds’ web page at the following link:

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    In Romania, Eversheds is present through its local office Eversheds Lina & Guia, a full service law firm offering premier legal service on a large array of legal issues.

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