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Juha Taipale invited to become Partner at Eversheds Attorneys Ltd.

  • Finland


    Eversheds Attorneys Ltd. has invited Attorney at Law Juha Taipale, one of the leading lawyers in Finland specialising in technology law, to become a partner of the company as of 1 November 2016. With his expertise, Taipale gives an additional boost to Eversheds’ already extensive selection of business law services.

    In addition to having exceptionally strong know-how in the field of technology, Taipale specialises in contract law, company law, transactions, finance law and international trade and related agreements. He has been acknowledged for his work in many leading international publications.

    Juha Taipale came to Eversheds from Magnusson Helsinki where he worked as an Attorney at Law from 2012 onwards. Previously, he has also practiced law at Mäkitalo and Krogerus. Moreover, Taipale has extensive experience in the corporate world, for example as the Managing Director of a successful technology start-up and an Assistant General Counsel at a large industrial company.

    In addition to practicing law, he holds positions of trust in the Telecommunication, Media and Technology Expert Group and the IT Committee of the Finnish Bar Association.


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