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Bützow Attorneys Ltd and Attorneys-at-Law Juridia Ltd will merge on 1 September 2013

  • Finland


    Major Finnish law firms specialising in business law, Juridia and its subsidiary Heinonen & Co, will merge with Bützow, marking the largest merger among Finnish law firms in history.

    The new company will be known as Attorneys-at-Law Juridia Bützow Ltd. Heinonen & Co, an expert in the protection of intellectual property rights, will continue as a subsidiary of Juridia Bützow. After the merger, the firm will employ 165 professionals, of which 105 are lawyers. The turnover of the group is expected to be approximately 28 million euros for year 2013. The newly established Juridia Bützow will be among the six largest law firms in Finland.

    •We are making history in the practice of business law in Finland. The merger will bring forth a modern full service law firm strongly guided by customer orientation. Our clients are interested in clear-cut solutions to their legal challenges in an increasingly complicated global and domestic business. The right fee structure for services and pricing has also become more important than ever, says Mr Harri Tolppanen, Bützow’s Managing Partner.

    Juridia and Bützow have both as fast growing firms over the last 20 years climbed their way to the ranks of the ten largest law firms in Finland.

    •Both Juridia and Bützow have grown with their clients. The entrepreneurial attitude and teams with experienced professionals have resonated well within our respective clienteles. We will continue to ensure that our focus is the best quality of our service in Juridia Bützow. In the forthcoming years we aim to continue our growth organically without, however, excluding potential M&As. We are now in a better position to serve our domestic and international clients in cross-border legal matters even more than before, comments Mr Kimmo Oila, Juridia’s Managing Partner.

    Following the merger, the operations of Heinonen & Co will expand to Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Hämeenlinna, where Bützow already has offices. Juridia Bützow will be the only law firm in Finland to offer comprehensive nationwide business law services as well as IPR services, such as trademark and design rights protection strategies and registration.

    •The merger is the answer to the continuing development in the legal industry, where law firms separate into leading full service law firms and smaller niche firms. The expertise and services of Juridia and Bützow complement each other very well, estimates Mr Harri Tolppanen.

    Mr Harri Tolppanen will start as the Managing Partner of the firm. The Chairman of the Board will be Mr Kimmo Oila. Juridia Bützow will start its operations on 1 September 2013.


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