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British Irish Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environmental Committee launch policy paper on high level principles for the British Irish energy sector post Brexit

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The British Irish Chamber of Commerce’s Energy and Environmental Committee today published its policy paper ‘High Level Principles for the British Irish Energy Sector Post Brexit’. The Paper proposes that on conclusion of the UK – EU negotiations that the UK-Irish energy sector should be in a position to maintain and deliver a, secure, increasingly decarbonised and affordable flow of energy to consumers.

Mark Varian, a Partner at Eversheds Sutherland and Chair of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environmental Committee commented:

“No other country has the same reliance on a neighbour that Ireland has on the UK’s Energy sector. This level of integration within the sector improves our security of supply and reduces energy prices for consumers. Therefore, it is of upmost strategic importance to Ireland, both north and south, that the outcome of the Brexit negotiations takes into account the inter-linkage of the two energy markets. Any outcome that jeopardises the current arrangements will have a severe impact on the Irish economy. It is therefore imperative that the needs of the Irish Energy sector gets the attention from policy makers in Ireland and Europe that it deserves and needs.”

Click here to view the full press release.

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