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Accelerator Academy Update - Claire O'Connor's Blog

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Following on from the blog updates we received from three of our Accelerator Academy participants over the last week, we are delighted to have another update today from Claire O'Connor. Claire is a very talented violinist and another member of the Eversheds Sutherland Accelerator Academy. In this blog post she gives us an insight into what life has been like for her in light of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Claire's Blog

"In early March, the beginning of lockdown coincided with the announcement that the national competitions for this year had been cancelled. This was disheartening news, as most of my work for this year would now be unable to be showcased as it usually would. However, I now had so much time to spend practicing, and continuing to develop. I’ve been having weekly lessons on Zoom with my teacher, and although this is a very different experience to playing in real life, I feel really lucky that I’m still able to get regular tutoring and keep a routine where I can receive feedback for my work. Once I started having lessons, I made plans with my teacher for next year, and what new repertoire I would begin preparing for when concerts and competitions start to take place again.

Although all chamber and orchestral music has been cancelled, it is great that so many organisations and artists have developed ways that musicians can still listen to and play in virtual live concerts. In place of doing chamber music and orchestral rehearsals, my sister and I have started playing duets together. This is something we probably might never have gotten around to without the lockdown. I am also really enjoying listening to music and re-discovering pieces that bring back so many memories. Of course, it is disappointing that the year has changed so dramatically from what I expected, but I’m really grateful that I have the freedom and time to continue working and doing what I enjoy the most."


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