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Law & Practice - Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2019

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We are glad to announce that the practice guide ‘Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2019 for Ireland’ has been published by Chambers this morning.  Peter Curran, Partner and Head of Procurement and Aine Smith, Consultant, were delighted to contribute this in-depth Law & Practice section to Chambers which covers a number of topics including;

1. General

     1.1 Legislation Regulating Procurement of Government Contracts

     1.2 Entities Subject to Procurement Regulation

     1.3 Type of Contracts Subject to Procurement Regulation

     1.4 Openness of Regulated Contract Award Procedure

     1.5 Key Obligations

2. Contract Award Process

     2.1 Prior Advertisement of Regulated Contract Award Procedures

     2.2 Preliminary Market Consultations by Awarding Authority

     2.3 Tender Procedure for Award of Contract

     2.4 Choice/Conditions of Tender Procedure

     2.5 Timing for Publication of Documents

     2.6 Time Limits for Receipt of Expressions of Interest or Submission of Tenders

     2.7 Eligibility for Participation in Procurement Process

     2.8 Restriction of Participation in Procurement Process

     2.9 Evaluation Criteria

3. General Transparency Obligations

     3.1 Obligation to Disclose Bidder/Tender Evaluation Methodology

     3.2 Obligation to Notify Interested Parties Who Have Not Been Selected

     3.3 Obligation to Notify Bidders of Contract Award Decision

     3.4 Requirement For 'Standstill Period'

4. Review Procedures

     4.1 Responsibility for Review of Awarding Authority’s Decisions

     4.2 Remedies Available for Breach of Procurement Legislation

     4.3 Interim Measures

     4.4 Challenging Awarding Authority’s Decisions

     4.5 Time Limits for Challenging Decision

     4.6 Length of Proceedings

     4.7 Annual Number of Procurement Claims

     4.8 Costs Involved in Challenging Decision

5. Miscellaneous

     5.1 Modification of Contracts Post-award

     5.2 Direct Contract Awards

     5.3 Legislative Amendments Under Consideration


To read the text in full, please click here to visit the Chambers website.

This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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