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Webinar: Beyond lockdown in Northern Ireland - Preserving organisations: Redundancies and restructuring in a virtual world

  • Northern Ireland
  • Ireland


    As employers, trade unions, industry bodies, public health authorities, the Executive and the government work together to safeguard communities, ease the lockdown and reopen workplaces, it is clear that leadership, trust and careful planning will play a vital role in this critical next phase of COVID-19. An incremental approach will be necessary as we transition to a new way of living and working.

    To guide employers as they prepare to address the challenges ahead, we are publishing a four part series of briefings and webinars, as follows:

    1. reopening workplaces: returning to work safely

    2. preserving organisations: redundancies in a virtual world

    3. new ways of working: adapting the workplace and changing terms and conditions

    4. dealing with the fallout from the pandemic: rescuing businesses and disputes

    This is the second briefing in the series. Subsequent briefings and webinar recordings will be published weekly.

    You can access the full briefing here and the full webinar (recorded 27 May) below.



    This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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