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Proposed ‘Brexpo’ meetings

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The Irish government has planned to hold four public outreach meetings, dubbed ‘Brexpo’ in October 2018 to help Irish businesses prepare for the impact of the UK leaving the EU. The first aim of the meetings is to keep people updated on the status of Brexit talks and the issues that might affect them as a result of the UK leaving the EU. The second aim of the meetings is to inform the public about a comprehensive range of financial and other supports available to businesses.

The meetings will take place on 5 October in Cork, 12 October in Galway, 19 October in Monaghan and 25 October in Dublin. The meetings will provide a “one-stop-shop for citizens, stakeholders, businesses and SMEs”. Agriculture minister Michael Creed warned that the agri-food sector is the most exposed to Brexit, pointing to €5.2bn in exports to the UK last year. Mr Creed stated that a previous €150m loan scheme and a separate €300m Brexit Loan Scheme for SMEs is evidence of Brexit preparedness.

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