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On 28 March 2018, the Department of Finance published a new economic research paper entitled Brexit: Analysis of Import Exposures in an EU Context. The paper examines the sectoral import exposures of the Irish economy and other EU Member States to the UK.

The paper’s key findings are as follows:

• Ireland’s goods import exposures to the UK are even more pronounced than its export exposures. €17 billion (23%) of Irish goods imports came from the UK in 2016.

• Food and live animals account for Ireland’s largest share of UK imports (importing €3.2 billion from the UK in 2016, which represents almost 50% of total food and live animals imports).

• Other sectors with high levels of imports from the UK are: machinery and transport equipment (€3.1 billion); chemicals; manufactured goods (€1.9 billion); miscellaneous manufacturing articles; and mineral fuels (€2.1 billion).

• Northern Ireland accounts for a small proportion of imports within each sector – the largest being food and live animals, where Northern Ireland accounts for €453 million.

• The high import exposures highlight the potential disruption to Irish supply chains.

• Regarding services, Ireland is considerably less exposed to the UK with regard to imports than exports (with 6% of services imports coming from the UK).

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