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Revenue report on Northern Ireland border published

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The contents of a Revenue report on the post-Brexit border with Northern Ireland which had been previously partially leaked and reported in the media were fully published in the week of 9 October by Revenue. Work on the Report had been concluded in September 2016 but the Report was not previously published.

The Report states that eight customs checks and visible border controls may be required. The Report states that one possible option is an e-flow style automatic number plate recognition system that would allow vehicles carrying goods to move from the Republic to the North and vice-versa without having to stop in cases where a pre-departure/arrival declaration has been lodged and green-routed. However the Report states that a physical customs presence would still be required to meet a range of EU obligations.

In a statement the following week to BBC Northern Ireland Taoiseach Leo Varadkar stated that the EU was prepared to show “enormous flexibility” towards Northern Ireland over Brexit.

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