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Accelerator Academy Update - Sarah Healy's Blog - Training during Lockdown

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Since Eversheds Sutherland’s Accelerator Academy launched in 2018, our people have thoroughly enjoyed following the journeys of its eight participants.

The Accelerator Academy, which is similar to a scholarship in that it provides mentoring opportunities and a bursary, aims to give its participants the opportunity to develop important life skills while they work their way towards becoming professionals in their chosen field. So far, the Accelerator Academy has worked with eight of Ireland’s highest performing, up and coming track athletes and classical musicians.

Sarah Healy – a participant in our athletics academy which is championed by former Olympians Sonia O’Sullivan and Dave Matthews – has recently provided us with an update on how she has been continuing her training during lockdown in the face of Covid-19.

Sarah's Blog

"Lockdown has definitely not been without its challenges for me but luckily as a middle- distance runner I am able to continue training quite easily from home. Running is definitely one of the best sports to be involved in at the moment and I have seen a lot more people out running while I am training. The biggest challenge is probably not being able to access a track however at this time of year, especially without any races on the schedule, a track is not essential to my training. Instead I have been doing my speed sessions on a 300m grass stretch close to my house which works perfectly. I also do not have access to a gym of course, but I am able to do my strength and conditioning from home with some resistance bands and kettle bells as I do not need any heavy weights.

Although, this time is challenging for everyone I have been able to take some positives from it especially in my training. I now have more time to focus on nutrition and sleep and have definitely felt the benefits of this in my sessions. I live close to the sea and I have enjoyed running from home in my local area. During lockdown, I have been spending the majority of my time indoors so the hour of each day where I get to go out and run has been the highlight and made me appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to do this. Before the pandemic I had planned on spending the summer training and competing and these plans have changed quite dramatically. I am hopeful that there will be some races at the end of August and an opportunity to reap the rewards of the hard work I am putting in now. If this does not happen, I know that the training I am doing now will not be wasted and I will be stronger and fitter for next season." 

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