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"Big Bang" in the ever expanding Asia market

  • Latvia


    Year after year such countries in the Asian region as Singapore, Chi¬na (Hong Kong) and Republic of Korea are listed very high in ease of doing business rankings.1 This should mean that doing business in Asia is easy, yet investors are cautious to put their money in the Asia market, as it seems complicated and opaque, driven by traditions and local customs.

    For instance, China is one of the most challenging markets in the world. Despite its economic growth slowing down in 2014, it is still a thriving economy with annual GDP growth of more than 7%.2 Which is impressive, compared to Europe's average of 1%.

    The consumer economy in Asia is growing and that leads to new opportunities in retail, healthcare and financial services.

    Business operations in Asia are becoming more and more global and provide opportunities for many cross-border transactions.

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