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The Eversheds’ Guide to International Merger Control

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    Eversheds has a vibrant international merger control practice that specialises in securing clearances with a minimum of cost and delay, both at EU level and across national jurisdictions.

    The Eversheds network of competition experts operates on multijurisdictional merger cases to ensure a co-ordinated approach in different countries. We plan multiple jurisdictional merger clearance timetables working with you to achieve the deal timetable. For multi-jurisdictional filings we have developed a streamlined process to deliver a one-stop shop for clearances across Europe and beyond.

    Our approach to merger control is commercial and hands-on, to address the real antitrust issues and avoid unnecessary filings and delay. If there are no material issues, our role is simply to help you clear the administrative hurdles quickly. In more difficult cases, we aim to give clients an up front assessment of the risks and recommend the best tactical approach.

    We also have extensive experience in giving strategic advice on potential deals, including deals between parties with significant market shares, and considering different structures and tactical approaches.

    Eversheds’ Guide to International Merger Control

    When contemplating international mergers and acquisitions, companies need to be aware of the potential risks, costs and delay they may face as a result of applicable merger control rules. With the launch of our new Guide to International Merger Control, Eversheds provides answers to the questions frequently asked by General Counsel, Directors, Board members and M&A professionals when embarking on any international M&A project, including:

    What are the filing thresholds?

    Is filing mandatory? Must closing be suspended?

    How long will the review take?

    What are the risks of failing to file?

    As lawyers to many of the world’s most successful companies, we understand the importance of ensuring regulatory barriers are cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Guide is based on Eversheds’ many years’ experience of managing multi-jurisdictional merger filing projects around the world and is intended to help you establish notification requirements and plan your filing strategy.


    This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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