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Work permits: free movement for Bulgaria and Romania starting 1 June

  • Switzerland


    The Protocol concerning the extension of the free movement of persons to Bulgaria and Romania (Protocol II to the FMPA) provided for a safeguard clause: during a transitional period of 10 years, Switzerland had the possibility to request the application of quotas to nationals of these two States. In 2017 and 2018, Switzerland has used the safeguard clause.

    However, the transitional period is coming to an end. On 15 May 2019, the Federal Council amended the Ordinance on the Introduction of the Free Movement of Persons (OFMP).

    In view of this amendment, as from 1 June 2019, nationals of Bulgaria and Romania benefit from the free movement of persons, as do nationals of the other countries of the European Union (EU). In this context, they must find a job to stay in Switzerland, or have sufficient means if they come as non-active.

    In the EU, only Croatian nationals are still subject to quotas on the Swiss labour market, as Croatia joined the EU after Bulgaria and Romania.

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