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Autumn Budget, 2017: Planning reforms

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    Commenting on the planning reforms announced in today's Budget, Stuart Andrews, head of planning at law firm Eversheds Sutherland, said:

    “In England, average house prices are now almost 8 times the average worker’s salary; in parts of the West Midlands, they are over 9 times; in London, they are nearly 12 times.

    “Yet the planning reforms referenced at para. 5.7 in remedy of this problem blindsides this figure by applying a 40% cap on any increase in the existing Plan provision in areas where affordability is identified (most notably the South East). The end result is that 60% of the identified need is being deliberately suppressed by the proposed reforms in exactly the locations where the need is most acute.

    “The remaining announcements are simply background noise and will not make any meaningful difference to housing delivery in the immediate or reasonably foreseeable future.”


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