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Eversheds comment: As Brexit deal untangles more knots will be revealed

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    Commenting on the news that a UK think tank is planning a legal challenge to Brexit Ros Kellaway, EU law expert and partner at Eversheds, says

    “As we approach the enactment of Article 50 it is becoming clear that Brexit will not be as simple as an out or in action. There are many knots to untangle before the UK comes to its final deal with the EU, and that includes where it stands with the EEA. Delaying an exit from the EEA when article 50 is enacted is a wholly possible outcome, and would leave us in a similar position to Norway – the desired deal of some. It would also seem to give the UK time to negotiate and agree the best deal it can with the EU.

    “The Government recognises that a decision on the terms of Brexit will hang on a cliff edge, and it will need two to make an agreement. And that agreement is very challenging indeed.”


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