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Eversheds comment: TUC debate on "unlawful" general strike

  • United Kingdom


    Ahead of the TUC’s debate on a general strike tomorrow, Marc Meryon, labour law partner at Eversheds global law firm, says:

    “Quite simply, the law doesn’t allow political strikes, or strikes where the dispute isn’t between the strikers and their employer, but is with another entity (in this case the government). Co-ordinating strikes to take place on the same day would make clear that the dispute is really with the government, and not individual employers, and so a general strike is by definition very likely to be unlawful.

    “In any event the significant cost and logistical challenge of mounting separate postal ballots for millions of members based at thousands of workplaces, in addition to persuading members to suffer losing pay when taking strike action, means that the prospect of successfully organising a general strike is remote.”

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