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The Matthew Taylor Review: Eversheds Sutherland’s Diane Gilhooley, Head of the Global Human Resources Group at the international law firm, comments:

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    “There is no doubting the serious employment and social challenges presented by the issues raised in the Taylor Review, from ensuring that some casual and flexible workers are not left behind in the application of minimum pay or access to benefits, to having a legal framework and tax regime which continues to be fit for purpose in a rapidly changing environment.

    “However, the Review is of far wider significance than even the headlines suggest. It provides a series of wide-ranging and, in many cases, radical thoughts on issues as diverse as the legal tests for worker status, to the adequacy of discrimination laws and supporting the significant skills challenges which lie ahead.

    “What the Review communicates is not a call for knee-jerk reactions, but careful thought and digestion as to its recommendations, both for today’s workforce and for the future employment landscape.

    “Employers should also pay attention to the specific proposals in the Review, some of which will come as a surprise – for example, if the Government decided to adopt its proposals to treat a ‘worker’ and an employee the same for tax purposes and to remove the Swedish derogation.”

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