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The Competition Law Online Toolkit


"CEMEX has a large and dispersed workforce that needs to be trained. Historically we have used traditional classroom methods, but with up to 600 affected employees this is not always easy - people can be away and new starters may miss out.
The Toolkit addresses these problems because it can be rolled out any time to anyone. A further significant benefit is that it will enable us to monitor employees' progress through the course and, importantly, evaluate their understanding. It is very difficult to achieve this efficiently in any other way. The Toolkit is also an extremely cost effective solution for our training needs".

Michael Collins, Head of Legal and Company Secretary, CEMEX UK

"Compass operates in more than 50 countries across the world and has a 360,000 strong workforce. The advent of the internet and toolkits means we are able to deliver training more quickly than in the past, although Compass had not used this type of training for so many people for one project before. Having piloted the toolkit amongst the Executive Committee and another 300 people in the senior management team across the world we are now rolling the toolkit out in nine languages to around 3,000 people.
The ease of use and the stability of the technological platform have been widely appreciated by my colleagues and the toolkit has become an essential part of our continuing education efforts, which we do supplement with some more traditional learning, especially where we have been able to identify people who have not fared as well as we had hoped, a facet that we are easily able to see with the reporting tool."

Mark White, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Compass Group PLC

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