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The Competition Law Online Toolkit

What is the Toolkit?

The Competition Law Online Toolkit is an award-winning e-learning programme. The Toolkit delivers effective antitrust compliance training to directors and employees of companies. All content is tailored to make it relevant to your day to day conduct. The course is written in straightforward business English and we have translated client courses into over 25 languages.

Why is it important?

The consequences of breaching competition law are severe, and include fines against the company of up to 10% of global turnover, fall in share price, damages claims, imprisonment of individuals and disqualification of directors. As part of an overall antitrust compliance programme, the Toolkit educates your workforce so that they understand how competition law applies to their day to day business activities and minimises the risk of infringement.

Course content

The Competition Law Online Toolkit introduces the fundamental concepts of antitrust/competition law in clear and concise business language to illustrate how the principles apply in practice and the consequences of breaching the rules. The Toolkit is interactive, using case studies and real examples which are tailored to ensure the programme is relevant to your organisation.


The objectives of this course are to:

  • demonstrate your organisation's commitment to complying with antitrust/competition law
  • explain how antitrust/competition law is applicable to your workforce's activities
  • highlight the potential penalties for breach of antitrust/competition law
  • enable employees to recognise and prevent anti-competitive practices
  • identify a typical competition authority's powers of investigation and what is typically involved during investigations
  • evaluate each user's understanding of the course content and identify further areas for development via a multiple choice exam, the results of which are monitored and reported to your organisation
  • minimise the risk for your organisation of non-compliance.

About the course

This course is:

  • relevant - a bespoke product tailored to your needs and your industry, using relevant examples, products, languages, case studies, corporate branding and colours.
  • practical - the course is focused on good practice and practical examples, not the law.
  • effective - web-based training that is fun, interactive and gets the message across clearly in a way which helps users change their behaviour.
  • fast - training typically takes less than an hour.
  • controlled - you control the content, presentation and implementation of the training programme.
  • comprehensive - you can ensure that every relevant employee takes the course, including new employees.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all organisations that face antitrust/competition law risks for use by their directors and employees at any level anywhere in the world.

The benefits of e-learning

If you have access to the Internet then you can have access to the Competition Law Online Toolkit. E-learning is:

  • flexible and convenient - each individual does the course when they like and at their own pace. The course can be readily refreshed to reflect changes in the business or the law.
  • efficient and inexpensive - the course allows you to train large numbers of people anywhere in the world simultaneously or over a given time period, irrespective of whether they work shifts or are in dispersed locations. No missed training sessions, no travel expenses.
  • monitored - through the Learning Management System you can track and manage an individual's progress and make sure they have understood the training.

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