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Thousands of employees are learning about their responsibilities to their work colleagues, and to their employer, using Eversheds Sutherland's e-learning courses. In collaboration with educational psychologists and instructional designers, and using the latest technologies, we have created online training courses to help employers communicate their expectations of good workplace practices across their whole organisation or tiers of management.

Authored by experts and critically reviewed by practising professionals in the public and private sector, our e-learning courses allow employers to provide training more frequently, flexibly and cost effectively. Our courses focus on good practice. The law is described where appropriate, or in discrete sections which the user can access if they choose.

Eversheds Sutherland's e-learning courses are hosted on our Learning Managment System (LMS) and accessed by the internet. The Eversheds Sutherland LMS allows for easy administration, enabling our clients to launch the training to their colleagues by e-mail, to monitor who has accessed or completed the course, and to remind (by e-mail) those colleagues who have yet to complete the course. Our LMS also provides for an effective audit trail, allowing the employer to see when an employee completed the course, how long they spent on the course, and their results on the test component of the course, ie scored feedback.

This data is stored electronically, and can be easily exported into Excel and distributed by e-mail. The reporting functionality of our LMS also enables the client to track the scores of groups of employees.

Please see our forthcoming events and seminars for details of our e-learning courses. To request further information, please get in touch with the contact specified for each course.