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Online workplace training - respect@work

respect@work is Eversheds Sutherland's flexible and affordable online workplace course designed to train your organisation’s employees on the importance of equal opportunities policies, complaint handling procedures and the implications of improper behaviour.

The online course allows your organisation to maintain high levels of satisfaction and productivity and foster a workplace environment, in which everyone can feel valued and able to give their best.

Real workplace case studies are used to illustrate the implications of bad practice, including:

  • damage to employees' health
  • damage to the reputation of the organisation
  • damage to the reputation of individuals
  • the impact on morale

As an employer, respect@work offers the benefits of:

  • illustrating your organisation’s commitment to a workplace where people are treated with respect
  • helping your managers understand their role in achieving a fairer workplace
  • the flexibility to allow your employees to learn at their own pace
  • allowing you to train large number of people over a period of time and multiple site locations – no missed courses or travel expenses
  • the ability to track an individual’s progress on the course
  • being able to evidence what your employees have been told about respect in the workplace, and when

Further information

Download Respect@Work brochure

Download the brochure for our online workplace training .

For more information on respect@work, including price, package or a demonstration, please contact Simon Tytherleigh , or complete the form below: