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The Right to Work

What is the RTW e-Learning?

The Right to Work e-Learning This Right to Work e-Learning is a programme designed to deliver effective training to HR teams and managers on the Right to Work requirements. The e-Learning is tailored to give enough information and practical advice to keep your organisation compliant with its immigration responsibilities in preventing illegal working. The e-Learning is particularly useful for those who devolve the Right to Work checks out to departments, as the e-Learning allows training to be provided to all individuals that may be required to conduct a Right to Work check. The e-Learning can also be followed up with a more in depth training session for HR professionals who advise departments in a devolved process or who control the checks centrally.

Why is it important?

Failing to conduct the checks in the correct way; failing to make a repeat check; failing to use the Employer Checking Service correctly; or failing to limit the number of hours worked by Tier 4 students, will result in the organisation losing the statutory excuse against a Civil Penalty. In such circumstances the organisation could be found to be employing illegal workers, resulting in a maximum £20,000 fine per illegal worker. The organisation could also face reputational damage if it is named in the UKVI quarterly report of employers fined for illegal working. It is also very likely to come under greater UKVI scrutiny with many organisations facing UKVI inspections of their sponsor licences.

e-Learning content

The Right to Work e-Learning will provide an overview on the Right to Work checks including why a Right to Work check must be carried out, when and how to undertake the check and how to deal with repeat checks. The e-Learning reviews example Right to Work documents and discusses some of the important factors to be considered when employing individuals under different immigration categories, such as Tier 4 students. Finally, the e-Learning ends with a quiz to test understanding.


The objectives of this e-Learning are to:

  • protect the organisation from illegal working, civil penalties, greater UKVI scrutiny and reputational damage;
  • demonstrate the organisation's commitment to immigration compliance;
  • highlight the importance of the Right to Work regime and the part that individuals have to play for the organisation to remain compliant;
  • give confidence to the individuals undertaking the checks that they are doing so correctly;
  • let individuals know the common issues that could arise and when to escalate or seek advice from HR;
  • evaluate each individual's understanding of the course content and identify areas of risk or needing further development through a multiple choice quiz;
  • minimise risk by having training ready and available to be completed before any new individuals are expected to carry out the checks

About this e-Learning

This e-Learning is:

  • Relevant – the e-Learning uses relevant examples, language, and questions. We do also offer customisation as an additional service where we can incorporate your policy, branding and colours.
  • Practical - the course is focused on good practice and practical examples, not just the law. It is made to be understood by managers and assistants making the actual checks.
  • Effective - web-based training that is fun, interactive and gets the message across clearly in a way which helps users change their behaviour and maintain compliant practices.
  • Fast - training typically takes less than an hour and can be undertaken remotely at a time to suit the user.
  • Comprehensive – the organisation can ensure that every relevant employee takes the e-Learning, including new employees expected to undertake the checks.

Who is it for?

The e-Learning is practical in nature and is aimed at those who actually undertake the right to work checks in practice, including managers in departments and HR teams. We recommend that the e-Learning is supplemented with in person training for HR professionals to give them the knowledge and tools to answer any questions arising from the e-Learning and to deal with the more thorny issues.

The benefits of e-Learning

If you have access to the Internet then you can have access to the Right to Work e-Learning.

e-Learning is:

  • flexible and convenient - each individual does the course when they like and at their own pace. The course can be refreshed to reflect changes in the business or the law as agreed and required.
  • efficient and inexpensive - the course allows you to train large numbers of people simultaneously or over a given time period, irrespective of their pattern of work or where they are in dispersed locations. No missed training sessions, no travel expenses.
  • monitored - through the Learning Management System you can track and manage an individual's progress and make sure they have understood the training.

Further information

For further details of this product, customisation options and pricing, please contact.