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Keeping London competitive and open to the world

Great global cities don’t succeed by accident. Government and business must create and maintain the conditions for their success. Cities are complex machines. They break down if you neglect them. Look at 1970s New York, or Detroit now.

London is no exception. Our capital’s tax and regulatory regime must catalyse the flow of capital and commerce. London’s housing and infrastructure must allow Londoners to live, work, communicate and play with ease. Most importantly, London must remain wide open to global talent. Cities die if they exclude capable cosmopolitan people.

As it leaves the European Union, London must not fall behind. It must fight to keep its place at the top table of global cities and remain at its open and attractive best.

Over the next 12 months, we will be exploring the areas and issues London needs to address in order to uphold its status as a competitive and attractive city for investment and talent.

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen
London Senior Office Partner


Bruce Dear

Bruce Dear
Head of London Real Estate


Over the coming months we will discuss the themes in pursuit of a successful, open London

We will be covering hot topics including:

  • A magnet for talent

    Retaining sufficient free movement of people post-Brexit to sustain competitiveness and keeping an open, welcoming and diverse culture.

  • Housing

    Ensuring London's professionals and workers have good (and well-priced) places to live.

  • Infrastructure and transport

    All great cities need strong infrastructural sinews: world class transport, IT and other networks. Infrastructure shortages are the growing pains of all successful cities. But eventually the pain must stop, and the infrastructure be delivered. How?

  • Fintech and innovation

    London must remain a leading world nursery for tech., Fintech and other innovative start-ups. These will be the businesses of the 22nd century. How can we make sure they locate and stay in London?

  • Skills and inequality

    In London, great wealth and acute disadvantage live side by side. We need to address London's skills and inequality gap by investing in education and apprenticeships, and by partnering with schools in disadvantaged areas. We must make London one city, open to all talent. Not just to international talent, but also to that of its own people – wherever they start in life. How can we make this happen?

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