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Tailored legal training at your premises

In-house training

Tailor-made training at your premises

Eversheds Sutherland provides in-house training tailored to meet the needs of managers and employees. Whether you are seeking to upskill or update a team, improve working practices or manage a complex new workplace challenge we work with you to develop the knowledge, capability and confidence that your colleagues require.

Our training is tailored to meet each client’s particular needs

Clients engage with us in different ways. Sometimes we meet the client, other times we communicate by phone and e-mail. Clients work within budgets and time constraints and we suggest options accordingly. However, each assignment has five common elements:

1. Scoping - understanding your needs

We spend time with you understanding objectives. We consider what messages are right for your organisation's culture. Legal training can be an opportunity to speak to employees about values, expectations and policies.

2. Background information

We invite you to share with us information about your organisation, for example policies and procedures or confidential information relevant to the training.

3. Design

We agree course content taking into account objectives, duration and who is being trained. We also agree the appropriate training methods (eg case studies, role-play, quizzes, skills practice).

4. Delivery and feedback

  • Interactive, accurate training delivered by experienced trainers employed by Eversheds Sutherland.
  • Reaction feedback to test relevance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Client de-briefing.

5. Evaluation and ROI

This may include pre and post course assessment. With measures in place it is possible to demonstrate return on investment. The avoidance of just one claim may justify the training investment alone.

Why train?

Any employer who has been to an employment tribunal, or court, or has been investigated by the authorities will understand the benefit of proactive training. Breaches of law in the workplace, which may have been inadvertent, can result in damage to people's careers and to corporate reputation.

The costs in terms of lost management time, damaged morale, legal fees and financial penalties are also significant. Companies may also find themselves ruled out of business opportunities for tenders with public sector organisations.