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Eversheds Sutherland provides thought leadership, legal updates and horizon scanning through our events, webinars and training courses. Our programme of events, webinars and training courses are designed to keep you up to date with key challenges you face on a daily basis.

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Upcoming events, webinars and training

  • Cross border working - international remote working and international assignments

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic remote working has become far more wide spread. In the past when employees worked in another jurisdiction it was usually as part of an international assignment initiated by the employer.
  • Current developments in employment law

    Join our experienced employment lawyers online for an update on mental health at work, including practical strategies for supporting employees. Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for around a half of all cases of self-reported work-related ill health in 2021/22 and has been increasing in recent years – a trend which may continue given current cost of living pressures.
  • Data as an asset

    We are pleased to invite you to join us in London on Wednesday 19 April for Eversheds Sutherland's flagship event focusing on data as an asset.
  • Diversity and inclusion conference - intergenerational fairness

    Intergenerational fairness has increasingly become a focus area for employers with the pandemic highlighting perceived inequalities and the need to address generational issues in employment strategies.
  • Dutch employment law training

    Employee rights are well protected under Dutch law, especially in dismissal cases, but employers are able to swiftly adjust staff levels in their company due to changes in, for example a fluctuation in workload. A wide variety of options are available for employers to hire people in a flexible manner provided that the rules are used properly.
  • Economic crisis - challenges and opportunities

    High energy prices, elevated inflation, rising interest rates and global economic weakness mean the UK economy is expected to be in recession during 2023 and beyond – how are employers responding to this?
  • Education webinar: Litigation Snapshot 2

    A look at a topical area in the world of dispute management or litigation. How to understand the issues and management the financial, strategic, legal and reputational risks To make these sessions as topical as possible for education institutions we will advertise the areas we will cover on each of our webinars around 6 weeks in advance.
  • Education webinar - An introduction to contracts for education institutions

    This short session is aimed at anyone in an education institution with responsibility for drafting or reviewing business to business contracts. It is an introductory session for those who are not legally trained but are either new to contracting or are looking to refresh their general contracting knowledge.
  • Education webinar - An introduction to M&A for education institutions

    This session is aimed at those institutions who are looking to either acquire or dispose of a part of their businesses through an asset or share sale. This is an introductory session for those who are either new to M&A or are looking to refresh their knowledge on the different stages of an M&A transaction and the key issues to be considered at each of those stages.
  • Education webinar - An Introduction to trans-national agreements for education institutions

    This session will cover an introduction to academic collaborations and contracts with international agents.
  • Education webinar - Apprenticeship employer agreements

    This session will cover an introduction to these agreements and the ESFA Funding rules which underpin them.
  • Education webinar - Capturing IP: securing IP rights in lecture capture and remote learning

    This webinar is an introduction to the IP rights and related issues that frequently arise in situations of remote learning and lecture capture, including practical tips and guidance to improve your institution’s position, policies and practices’.
  • Education webinar - Casual and term-time working models – practical and legal issues

    The pandemic has increased the move away from the traditional working model of full-time permanent contracts. Alongside this, recent case law has shone a spotlight on the rights of staff who work variable or part-time hours, including in relation to holiday entitlements, whilst sector trade unions continue to campaign against casualisation and what they see as the exploitation of some of their members.
  • Education Webinar - Charity law refresher and update

    The session will also include a brief update on the latest charity law developments.
  • Education webinar - Company law refresher for education institutions

    We will provide a refresher on the administration of companies from a company law perspective.
  • Education webinar - Disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments

    In 2022 more employment tribunal claims were brought for disability discrimination than for any other protected characteristic. This reflects what we see in practice in acting for institutions, with claims for discrimination arising from disability and failure to make reasonable adjustments being particularly prevalent.
  • Education webinar - Equality, diversity and inclusion: current developments and emerging trends for the sector

    In this session, we will explore this changing landscape and consider recent case law developments and legislation to draw out some key legal themes for institutions as they strive to be truly inclusive workplaces.
  • Education Webinar - Governance and legal refresher for academy trusts

    This refresher session is primarily aimed at those within Trusts who lead on governance matters, but will also be of interest to those who lead on operational issues and to trustees/governors who wish to understand their role within the Trust.
  • Education webinar - Hot topics for HR

    In this six monthly update, we will look at the recent and forthcoming changes with a particular focus on those most relevant for the education sector.
  • Education webinar - HR essentials – managing difficult HR matters with confidence

    This session looks at how to achieve effective outcomes; avoid disproportionate time, process and resources; and protect the institution’s (and your) reputation. Whilst at the same time balancing this against the potential costs of losing an employment claim, any adverse publicity and the time and consequences of following a risk averse process
  • Education webinar - IP commercialisation for education institutions

    In this webinar we will look at:
  • Education Webinar - Joint ventures for education institutions

    There are more models for joint ventures across the education sector than ever before: Institutes of Technology, research institutes, joint schools, UTC’s, National Colleges and service sharing vehicles to name but a few.
  • Education webinar - Litigation Snapshot 3

    A look at a topical area in the world of dispute management or litigation. How to understand the issues and management the financial, strategic, legal and reputational risks
  • Education webinar - Pensions education sector annual conference 2023

    Following the success of our previous pensions education sector conferences, we welcome you to join us for our 2023 conference. As last year, this year's conference will be held virtually. Featuring a range of speakers, the conference will provide you with the knowledge to better understand pension issues in the sector.
  • Education webinar - Procurement

    This session will identify the headline changes, and help education institutes understand the changes they will need to implement.
  • Education webinar - Protecting your IP when contracting with third parties – IP development and exploitation agreements

    In this webinar we will look at :
  • Education webinar - Restructuring, redundancy and contractual variation

    Restructuring is an important issue in the current economic climate. Institutions are facing uncertainty over the impact of government cuts on their various funding streams as well as the legacy of Brexit on areas such research funding and student recruitment and fees.
  • Education webinar - Sponsor Compliance Visits – Are You Prepared?

    Holding a sponsor licence is a privilege and not a right and UKVI places stringent requirements on sponsor licence holders to uphold and comply with the applicable Sponsor Guidance and Immigration Rules. Sponsors must play their part in making sure the immigration system is not abused.
  • Education webinar - Subsidiary companies – legal considerations

    There are a number of reasons for an education institution establishing a subsidiary company – for trading purposes, brand protection, to enable alternative pension arrangements etc.
  • Education webinar - The skilled worker route - what do you need to know and how do you remain compliant?

    On the one hand the new rules have made it easier to sponsor workers by reducing the salary and skill requirements, removing the circumstances in which restricted certificates of sponsorship were needed and dispensing with the onerous provisions on carrying out a resident labour market test.
  • Education webinar - UK GDPR update for HR professionals

    A practical look at the current data protection landscape helping you understand key issues and benchmark common compliance responses.
  • Education webinar - Under the microscope – conducting successful employee investigations

    We will provide an overview of each stage of the investigation process, from planning to the preparation of an investigation report. We will also examine some of the legal and practical challenges that you may face when conducting an investigation and how those may be managed.
  • France - Working with the works council

    It is a wide-spread belief amount HR experts of multinational companies that France is a complicated jurisdiction to operate in, in particular because of the employee representation rights granted to French employees in the form of a works council. This works council is often considered to have decision making powers and having the ability to block important decisions unless their approval is granted.
  • French employment law training

    Based on the Napoleonic code and amended by statute ever since, French employment law is markedly different from the UK’s.
  • German employment law training

    Germany is a major trading partner for many countries throughout the world, not to mention the most important single market in the European Union.
  • Germany - working with the works council

    It is a widespread belief among HR experts of multinational companies that it is extremely difficult to operate in Germany; some foreign companies may even refrain from setting-up a well-staffed business presence on the German market because they believe that endless negotiations with employee representatives are unavoidable.
  • Harmonisation of employment contracts and policies across Europe

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders is even more difficult due to cultural and legal differences.
  • Immigration conference - challenges of managing a global workforce

    Our Immigration Conference will be delivered in-person in our Eversheds Sutherland London office. Join us to hear our great line-up of speakers, ask questions, get involved in the debate and network in-person with your peers.
  • Immigration UK Business – sponsor licencing course

    Following the end of freedom of movement and major changes to the UK points based immigration system, businesses are increasingly looking to sponsor individuals to fulfil roles in the UK and those with sponsor licences need to be up to date in terms of the obligations and duties that sponsorship entails.
  • Immigration UK - Right to work in 2023

    There have been major changes to the right to work checking processes in the last year. Adjustments made by organisations to immigration compliance processes following the end of the Brexit transition period and adjusted right-to-work requirements continue to require careful consideration and review.
  • Ireland & Northern Ireland employment law - key differences with Great Britain

    The Irish and UK legal systems have many similarities. However in an employment law context those similarities can be deceptive. In addition, the fact that employment law in Northern Ireland is a devolved matter means that there are, in reality, three different employment law jurisdictions across the UK and Ireland, namely Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
  • Italian employment law training

    Italy probably has the most complex employment law in Europe. Did you know that in Italy: there are more than 400 national collective agreements in force; four different categories of employees, all subject to specific (and different) rules and regulations; and that unfair dismissal claims can, and do, result in compulsory reinstatement and awards of more than 40 months of salary?
  • Keeping you connected: In-House Counsel Legal Update

    We are delighted to invite you to our Spring 2023 Update which will take place in four of our office locations. We hope that this will enable you to connect with your networks and to make new connections across the in-house community.
  • Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) employment law training

    This Nordic employment training course covers, in turn, an introduction to the employment law systems of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. We will also share the experience we have gained in assisting clients with their operations in the Nordic region, and provide comparisons and contrasts with the UK.
  • Restrictive covenants in the US, UK, Europe and UAE: legal principles, strategy and the changing political landscape

    In the increasing war for talent, businesses have to be more proactive than ever in protecting their business interests, whether that is their confidential information, trade connections or the stability of their workforce.
  • Restructuring and redundancies across Europe

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders in multiple jurisdictions is even more difficult due to cultural and legal differences.
  • Spanish employment law training

    Spanish and UK labour systems differ greatly. Spanish employment law is mainly based on the regulations contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement in force in the market sector. Sometimes a specific CBA can be negotiated for one company with the trade unions and employee representatives.
  • Swiss employment law training

    Switzerland is chosen by many multinational companies as a base for their European or global cross-border business activities, largely because of its advantageous investment climate. Swiss employment law is known as being more liberal than other adjacent jurisdictions. While the fundamental principle of contractual freedom is predominant, it is still important to understand the statutory minimal standard and the social protection mechanisms provided by Swiss law.
  • The student route – Education webinar - what do you need to know and how do you remain compliant?

    The Student route, formerly the Tier 4 immigration route, continues to remain a challenging and complex route, particularly following the impact of Covid affecting day to day sponsor compliance and the gradual lifting of those restrictions, making way for a number of changes to the way in which the Student route operates.
  • TUPE across Europe: a comparative view of France, Netherlands, Germany and the UK

    Under the European Acquired Rights Directive, employees sometimes transfer automatically from one employer to another on their existing terms and with continuous service. It is tempting to think that the rules that apply will be the same across Europe but because Member States implement their legislation differently, this is far from true. This assumption can have costly consequences for businesses.
  • UK employment law training

    The United Kingdom (UK) comprises the whole of the island of Great Britain (GB) - containing England, Wales and Scotland - plus Northern Ireland. However, technically, “UK employment law” is a misnomer.
  • United Arab Emirates - mandatory changes to federal labour law

    The New Labour Law (33/2021) and its Implementing Regulations (together the “New Laws”) apply to all private sector employers in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) with the exception of employers within the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) financial centre free zones. The New Laws were introduced in February 2022 and represent the biggest change in the employment law landscape in the UAE for 40 years.
  • US employment law training

    The United States is a complex marketplace and employment rules vary significantly across the states. Our training course is led by a US lawyer with over 30 years’ experience advising companies ranging from large multinationals to small start-up enterprises.