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Immigration UK - Business travellers: workshop for HR practitioners

Who should attend

Those with some experience of managing immigration processes. This will include HR and global mobility professionals, recruiters and employment counsel for organisations who need to manage immigration risk in the UK. Those who manage processes involving immigration assessments for business visitors or regular intra-company travellers between the UK and European Economic Area will find this especially relevant following the end of the Brexit transitional arrangements in July.


This course addresses the issue of business travel post-Brexit and how the end of the post-Brexit transition period has changed this.

We will consider the obligations employers have to assess business travel with reference to the right-to-work requirements in the UK. The programme will seek to present practical, pan-EEA solutions for HR practitioners who are looking at this issue for the first time or reassessing what needs to be done. It is intended that there will be discussion involving senior practitioners in respect of this.

Programme outline

Detailed consideration is necessary in respect of EU travellers who visit the UK or UK travellers who visit the EU for business-related visits. Employers have been reviewing and adapting their immigration practices as a result of the new immigration rules and these continue to change as a higher volume of business travel is resumed. In the face of these significant changes, we invite you to a masterclass event, in which we will lead a discussion as to how we see the nature of these changes working in practice and the issues which employers must consider before such business related travel takes place.

Questions we aim to consider include:

  • What activities are business visitors permitted to undertake whilst in the UK and is this the same in the EU?
  • When is a working visa required and how do I understand those options in more detail?
  • To what extent are your employees required to undertake international business travel to fulfil their current role?
  • How can business travel be assessed, monitored and analysed in practice?
  • Are employees required to travel frequently and/or to more than one jurisdiction when they undertake business travel?
Please note - if you have attended our Immigration UK - Right to work in 2022 virtual course you can receive a 20% discount on this course fee. Please email and ask for the 20% discount code. Please ensure you do this before you book your place.

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