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Labour Relations Conference

Who should attend

This conference attracts those responsible for labour relations and employment policy, directors and VPs of HR, ER specialists and in-house lawyers.


Employers prefer to focus on economic conditions and regulatory reform and stay out of politics. Competition, rising pay, skill shortages and tighter labour supply is more than enough to contend with. But in 2019 significant political upheaval will be too strong to ignore.

The UK relationship with the EU has changed. We may have a new, perhaps radically different, Government able to focus on domestic issues, and the US presidential campaign will be in full swing.

09.00–09.30 Registration and coffee

Welcome and scene-setting: a view from Brussels
Chair, Stefan Corbanie

Labour law developments
Martin Warren

  • 145B challenges‘
  • Good Work’ legislation
  • nimble new unions
  • Europe’s continuing influence

UK competitiveness
Rain Newton-Smith

  • economic outlook: GDP and investment
  • new trade deals?

Current trends in staffing
Neil Carberry

  • skill supply: hot and cold spots
  • where is labour coming from?
  • highly skilled workers and salary cap

The UK’s relationship with the EU
Professor Catherine Barnard

  • ‘complex, vertiginous, divisive’
  • reconstructing a relationship
  • implications of the UK's future relations  with the EU on employment law

US elections: the future of business and trade
Kate Andrews

Has Brexit changed HR?
A review of the morning led by Marc Meryon

Co-Chair, Thomas Player

HQ: taken by surprise?
Nat Whalley

  • organising by social media
  • campaigning from the ground up
  • the value of anonymised reporting

Giving voice to precarious workers
Dr Jason Moyer-Lee

  • flexibility and rights
  • legal challenges as a force for change
  • relating to bigger unions?

Employment relations: what next for UK workplaces
Susan Clews

  • the challenges of new forms of working
  • NDAs
  • ramifications of the Taylor Review

The genesis of Self Employed Plus
Hugo Martin

what it means for Hermes, couriers and the GMB

 Group discussion:
'engagement and voice': is anything really changing?


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 Advanced employee investigations skills training

Cost: £479

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Group discount:

10% discount for delegate 2 and subsequent delegates.

Online payment discount: 5%

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09:30 - 16:30 (Local time)
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