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Avoiding victimisation: infamy, infamy...

Who should attend

This avoiding victimisation course is aimed at experienced HR professionals and in-house employment lawyers who have responsibility for resolving internal disputes.


Every experienced HR professional will have dealt with a disgruntled employee who cannot move on from an incident, or disappointment, at work. A fair grievance process may have been followed and a thorough investigation held, but some employees simply cannot get over an outcome.

If the employer loses patience, or cuts a corner, they are at risk. This workshop provides a safe space to talk about the warning signs and the steps you can take. We share our experiences, and learn from yours, to help build confidence and minimise the disruption of this energysapping aspect of HR.


09.00 registration and coffee, 09.30 start

'Victimisation': a reminder of the legal definition

  • what  is a ‘protected act’?
  • not  always  ‘bullying’ or ‘harassment’ 
  • bad  faith complaints
  • liabilities
  • link with whistleblowing

Early diagnosis

  • warning signs:  what  to look out  for
  • intervention: take  early control
  • role of line manager v’s HR
  • resolution: commercial, legal and  moral considerations

Intervention and prevention

  • objectivity: avoiding assumptions
  • exploring and  understanding the  issues
  • step by step approach

Picking up the pieces

  • balancing the  needs of the  complainant and  the  complained against
  • re-integrating the  team: the  role of mediation
  • bringing someone back  from  suspension
  • what  to do when a team will not  co-operate or harbours a grudge?
  • what  can  you say/do without making the situation worse?

Managing poor performance/absence without victimisation - soft skills and words?

  • addressing sensitive issues at each stage
  • dealing with confidentiality
  • feedback: good and bad
  • focussing on the issue: managing the personalities
  • avoiding legal risk
13.00 close, followed by lunch

Download the full Avoiding victimisation training course programme. 

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